I've never been theraphy before. The only thing that I've done is see a social worker which I stopped going to after she reccomended me to theraphy which I never went to because I wanted to focus on school. Thing with me is, I get good grades and I usually have an over 80 average but this semester I just lost motivation after getting a 70 in math last semester so I started off very badly, I didn't have the motivation nor the desire to do well. I skipped classes, I couldn't concentrate during classes, I came to school late and my average for this semester is a flat 74% that too with courses that were easier than last semester except for physics. And all of you know how hard it is to balance grades with MD. MD has also been one of the reasons I did so badly and so has this internet addiction that I have produced. I look up everything I'm curious about. I write fanfiction, I watch videos(I'm interested in various topics, I'm the most curious person you'll find), I debate in forums, and then there's fb, shows I watch. I swear to god I have an internet addiction. It's ridiculous and my MD has also gotten worse. Anyways, I have a friend that goes to theraphy and she says it really helps. I was thinking about going this summer but I have no idea what to expect.

So I have a few questions. I'm sorry this is going to be long. So how were all of your experiences with your therapists? Did you go because you wanted to or you felt that you needed help or did you go because you had to? Were you able to tell your psychologist/theraphist about MD? And let's say I choose to tell my therapist about MD, would she reccomend I go to a psychologist because she would think that I have a comepletely different illness than MD like Adhd, or schrizo, bipolar, OCD and a lot of the illnesses that I've heard people say they've been labeled by their psychologist? Should I even talk about my MD, my social anxiety and my other issues to my theraphist as she's not a psychologist and may not be able to handle me properly? Has there ever been any time when your theraphy has had a negative effect on you. For example, lower your self esteem because your therapist doesn't understand you so you build more walls up and you feel as if nobody in this can understand you and relate to your problems? Or has theraphy made you depressed about a memory of a traumatic event that you were happy about forgetting? And what are the benefits that you experienced from theraphy?

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Comment by greyartist on June 27, 2013 at 3:59am

well you are not likely to find one who has heard of MD, so don't expect it. I had a similar experience to Pascale. The first one was just looking for a check. Spent all the time telling me there was no such thing as MD but she couldn't find what label I fit under.

The second was much more compassionate. He had not heard of MD but was interested. I also am a negative DDer and he tried to find a root cause to why the dreams were so negative. With no trauma in my past and being a functioning working adult, he couldn't find any logical reason for it. After 3 sessions he suggested I not continue because it wasn't helping. He did suggest trying hypnosis. He didn't want to waste my money if I wasn't getting better.

I think it may help depending on the reason for your DDing.Like if there was trauma or abuse you DD to escape. It could be very helpful. 

Comment by Pascale on June 27, 2013 at 2:26am

The first therapy I tried was not good. I felt he didn't really care about me. I told him  about DD, it was very difficult to speak about it. He reacted as I was the only person in the word doing this and ha had no clues. That's because I am a negative daydreamer and he could not understand someone would want to imagine traumatic events. I stopped quite quickly.

Some years later I tried again, and I found it very helpful, I have been seeing this therapist for years now. Actual I stopped and started again. It has been a very good help. So my advice is if you feel for it give it a try, but do not wait for miracle, therapy is hard work. The therapist can show you the way to go but you have to go by yourself.


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