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How do you cope with maladaptive daydreaming?

So here's the thing. I used to love maladaptive daydreaming because it gave me a safer happier world to rely on. But now I realized, I could've had so much more in life if I didn't spend hours and hours daydreaming. If I'm not listening to music and pacing in the room, I'm zoning out during study time and engaging in scene playing in my head. Either that or I allow myself to sleep for a period of thirty minutes just so I could engage in some sort of fantasy in my head which then turns into 2…


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School and Work?

I'm currently in grade 12 and I have to balance my DD life with studying. My mom's telling me to get a job to work part time on the weekends. I've had a job before but it was only in the summer where I didn't have to balance DDing with studying. Although that job was everyday, it was only for a few hours and I didn't have to constantly socialize with coworkers and deal with custormers(I worked with kids). In this current job, I'll be a cashier, I'm not sure how many hours I'll have to work…


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Empaths, Indigo/Crystal person, fantasy proneness.

A few months ago. I was researching more about the Highly Sensitive Person. I came upon a term called the Empath. And I think the empath completely describes this "illness" and us maladaptive daydreamers. Of course that doesn't apply to everyone here. But a lot of us, from seeing other posts have described themselves to be creative, empathetic, perhaps a little socially awkward and likes to be alone. Empaths also love to dayream. So do think about whether you are an Empath. 

These are…


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Was theraphy right for you?

I've never been theraphy before. The only thing that I've done is see a social worker which I stopped going to after she reccomended me to theraphy which I never went to because I wanted to focus on school. Thing with me is, I get good grades and I usually have an over 80 average but this semester I just lost motivation after getting a 70 in math last semester so I started off very badly, I didn't have the motivation nor the desire to do well. I skipped classes, I couldn't concentrate during…


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Daydreaming about characters I feel sorry for.

Hey, I was observing my daydreams and I've noticed a pattern. A lot of my daydreams include characters from books or tv shows that I feel intensely sorry for. They are usually victims of some sort and I daydream about enpowering them. My recent character that I daydream is about an adopted girl that had made many sacrifices for her family. She's a very kind-hearted, selfless girl but her foster family always mistreats her. They treat her differently from their biological kids. It's pretty…


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Hey Everyone, I haven't been on here for a long time but I've been having some deep thoughts so I was just wondering if many of you feel the same way. Do you guys ever feel as if your entire life is fake? I feel like the only place of comfort is in my own room. I go to the grocery store, I feel insecure. I feel like everyone's watching me but somehow I pull myself out of that feeling of insecurity. I feel like I can't be my true self with anybody. Nobody truly knows me. They only know the a…


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Daydreams and Reality

I'm a completely different person in real life than I am in my daydreams. I do things I want to do but would absolutely never do in real life. I imagine my life turn out to be something that'll not only make me upset if my life turned out this way, but also my mom and my friends. I dream about partying, smoking, stealing, being with bad guys, and just being wild and having fun. In real  life, I would never do the things I daydream about. But when I grow up, have more control over my life,…


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IQ and MD.

Hey, I was wondering if there was a link between MD and IQ. Since I'm always looking up things about psychology, I looked up characteristics that are often associated with having a high IQ. I've never taken an IQ test and the one I did only had 10 questions which I got a 9/10 on but still I don't think a small online test like that can really tell me my IQ. Anyways, I was looking at characteristics of "gifted" or people with high IQs. And I found that a lot of the characteristics applied to…


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These days I realized that I've been feeling anxious and plain paranoid in situations that I shouldn't be feeling these things in the first place. I haven't hung out with one of my bestfriends for a long time since she does have a lot of work this semester. But today is my mom's birthday and yesterday last minute I planned to make cake for her and surprise her at 12. So I called my friend last minute, somehow convinced my mom to let me go at night to her house. And that's where I made the…


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Okay, I'm actually freaking out. So there's this guy on youtube that I and many others have been arguing with. And he made multiple fake accounts to make it seem like there were a lot of people on hi…

Okay, I'm actually freaking out. So there's this guy on youtube that I and many others have been arguing with. And he made multiple fake accounts to make it seem like there were a lot of people on his side. And then I commented saying "I guess Multiple personalities wasn't as rare as I thought."   He commented back saying "

"How about sex addiction and MD disorder? How rare are they?

I'll tell you.

Only the truly degenerate or those who have been traumatically…


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Along with MD, I've been noticing other things about me. For example, this has been going on ever since I was young. I would be obsessed with a certain topic for a month or two, and along with wasting my time daydreaming, I would spend hours researching about that topic. This phase will typically last for a month or more and at times my dds might also be based on this theme. The various topics that I've been obsessed with are psychology and different disorders especially MD, the…


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Correlation between drugs and Maladaptive Daydraming

As you've all noticed, I haven't come on this site in a long time. Well during the summer, I told my bestfriend about my MD and about this site. She was supportive towards my MD and she didn't think I was crazy. But she wasn't too fond of me coming on this site. She says that I should focus on reality and interacting with real people more. She thinks that I come on this site for comfort knowing that there are people like me. She argues that if she looks up her insecurities as well, she…


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Have you ever been made fun of for having a mental condition or disorder?

Today, I went for training. Well this girl who's also taking the same job as me was in my class. She had a disorder. It was pretty obvious since she'd always get anxious when ever she heard a loud noise. Then she would start moving her hands back and forth really fast. She told the teacher that she won't stab anyone or anything but she is diagnosed with mental disorders. What upset me is the fact that the teacher completely mocked her in class, gave her dirty looks throughout class and said…


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social anxiety

Hello I`m Sara. Most of you probably dont know me because Im new and I do not post blogs but this is something I really wanted  to share. 

This girl that I know, more like an acquiescence , friend of a friend. You know what I mean. Well she`s gunna move so a lot of people from my grade made a little video for her. So we all showed the video after school to her.  I wasn`t a part of the video cause I was absent in school. But I wanted to go because I felt obligated to since the…


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