Empaths, Indigo/Crystal person, fantasy proneness.

A few months ago. I was researching more about the Highly Sensitive Person. I came upon a term called the Empath. And I think the empath completely describes this "illness" and us maladaptive daydreamers. Of course that doesn't apply to everyone here. But a lot of us, from seeing other posts have described themselves to be creative, empathetic, perhaps a little socially awkward and likes to be alone. Empaths also love to dayream. So do think about whether you are an Empath. 

These are the traits of an Empath


Antoher thing I wanted to discuss were indigo/christal children. I was watching conspiracy theory videos about aliens/fallen angels and so on and so forth. Not saying I believe in these things. But like I know a lot of maladaptive daydreamers, I am interested in the paranormal and how people think. Anyways, my point was that this man was discussing how a lot of people have started to report "alien abductions " during this era. Anyways, I remember a long time ago, I remember looking up the fantasy prone personality. One of their characteristics is that they feel like they have been abducted by aliens or have seen "spirits" or creatures form outer space. 


Anyways, I know I'm including too much information at once. We don't have fantasy prone personalities but we do have maladaptive daydreaming which is very related to all of this so what do you think?

As I continued watching the conspiracy theory video, they mentioned indigo children. Anyways, I stopped the video and went to look up this type of person myself. I will finish this video later to see how the indigo/crystal person relates to what the man in the video is trying to say. Much of the indigo person's description does fit the "maladaptive daydreamer," the "empath" or even the "highly sensitive person."  The indigo child/adult has an indigo aura. They are intelligent but don't always get good grades because they have short attention spans and are easily bored. They don't like rules and regulations and often rebel against authority figures or DREAM about doing it. They usually are diagnosed with A.D.D or A.D.H.D and we all know that a lot of maladaptive daydreamers not only have short attention spans but exhibit some symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Anyways, they're also very creative, and intuitive. A lot of them are quiet and have a hard time expressing themselves, may not speak too often(a lot of us are socially awkward) and may be very telepathic especially as a child. So here somes the interesting part. So some people think that indigo children is what will evolve humanity to it's next phase where communication will be through other means other than verbal communication. Thus the reason why they are so quiet, and introverted. Not saying this is true but it's something to think about right? 

But what I found most interesting was when I read the description for crystal children. I use the term Indigo because most crystal children are from 0-7 years of age and become Indigos later on. So here's a quote from a website. 

"Crystal Children’s heart chakra is wide open. They are very sensitive and empathetic. Because of this heightened sensitivity, they constantly need love and protection. In dysfunctional relationships and environments, these children would shut down and often daydream, they withdraw and isolate themselves from the world. In these cases, they survive in silence but carrying much of their pains and others; until they no longer cope and begin to manifest physical or emotional illnesses in themselves. 


Seems familiar anyone? Doesn't it seem like the absolute description of what we call maladaptive daydreaming? So comment and tell me your opinion. Not telling you to believe everything, I myself don't. Also not saying that I'm promoting that we're more special than other people. But just sharing an interesting theory that I found on the internet. So tell me what you think. 

Here's the one of the self-tests for you to see whether you may be an indigo person. There are many more if you look it up on google. 


Here's more information about what indigo children is. 


And greyartist, if you do read this and find this interesting, perhaps this topic can be used as one of your blogtalkradio epidodes? I would like to learn more and see other people's opinions and research too. 

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Comment by taffle on October 3, 2013 at 8:54am

Interesting. I read http://starchildglobal.com/starchild/what.html and this particular statement struck me:

Crystal Children spontaneously hug and care for people in need. An autistic person wouldn't do that

If I were autistic, I would be offended. I know some autistic people and they could hug and care like other people. Just because someone is autistic doesn't mean he/she has no feelings.

I also fit many of the traits mentioned but I don't consider myself an indigo child.

Comment by LostSoul99 on October 1, 2013 at 12:11pm

I also know that many people here love daydreaming about life on a different planet. Guess what that was one of the traits too. I don't. My dds are more about life on earth but I know some people here love sci-fi, and have fantasy worlds in their heads in different planets. And those people(indigos) also feel as if they don't belong here on earth, and have a hard time fitting in in general. Thanks for commenting Kim. 

Comment by LostSoul99 on October 1, 2013 at 12:08pm

No problem, I forgot to add a few more things above. Just thought you'd find interesting Kim or anyone else reading this. A lot of Indigos/crystals have expereinced something paranormal or had claimed "alien adbuctions," astral travel, or some type of dream about aliens. Just like how the fantasy prone personalites have. I think most people that are fantasy prone personality is an indigo/crystal person whether there is such a thing or not. And if they are indigo/crystal, maldaptive daydreamers may be or have the potential to fit the description of one too since we're right down there with them. But then again, not all MDers are the same and daydream for the same reasons.

Another thing I want to add is I was looking up the physical traits of indigo/crystal people, and one thing that stood out for me is that they have alergies and sensitivities to the environment around them. I know that's the same with "Highly Sensitive People" as well some people here. Most mentioned how they hate bright lights and like to be in a dim-lit environment. Others don't like loud sounds. Me, I hate bright lights. I just thought that was another information I should share. A lot of the traits of a MD do in fact match that of an indigo.

Comment by Kim on September 30, 2013 at 12:34pm
That is all rather interesting. I'm not entirely convinced but I do enjoy anything paranormal and feel like I can relate to the traits described. Thanks for sharing.

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