I was thinking about this today as I consider what to write on a dating profile as I take the plunge back into the dating game. 

Do you think MD has made you some what dull? I have no hobbies I read sometimes  and watch movies but most times I daydream or am searching the internet which is sometimes related to my daydreams.

I have hardly travelled, I've never been on a plane. I don't have many friends I literally work long hours and then go home to watch tv and then daydream before bed. 

I feel other people have so much more interesting things happening in their lives. I find dating terrifying as I worry I will be found boring.

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I totally relate. If I hadn't been daydreaming, I might have actually developed some of the skills I imagine myself having. I like writing and sculpture, but I don't think these are conversation starters. I feel I don't have the experiences to come off interesting to other people. I understand what you're saying. I feel a bit left behind in this respect, too.   

I'm not sure MDD can make a person dull, or boring, or anything else for that matter. My coin is on something else hiding behind it, and that something is what makes you dull and makes you daydream. MDD doesn't actually do anything other than signaling that something else is wrong. As far as I know, of course.

Yes!  I feel/fear that so much time turned inward, something that does not make for conversation, does make us dull.  Compared to others we have relatively few real life stories 

Can totally relate. I also noticed that in periods of my life that I reduced Daydreaming and did real-life things like going for a camping or something I felt like a much more interesting person.
I don't think MD makes us dull, it's just we gets so lost in our dream world that we stop caring about other things while MDing and we starts loving our imaginary world so much that we starts taking less interest in real world. It's just our attitude changes but actually we are that very same person with the same level of IQ. *with lots of creativity at our disposal.

If anything, it makes me more interested in the world around me. I am great at friendships, relationships, and have my own consultation service. I think I’ve learned how to balance MDD with my life so I don’t use it to replace much, but to enhance what I have because I require intensity, excitement and validation not possible IRL. My DDs last for years, and when they change is when I need something different that my RL has failed me on. 


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