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When I dream I tend to have different "stories" for different moods...or when I get bored with one story I can think about another. I suppose I have three different stories going on right now inside my mind. For me stories can go on for months on end; where I develop myself as one of the characters, my friends, and significant other, along with children and a career pretty elaborately.

My fantasies range from wealthy queen to unimportant peasant girl. From primitive time all the way to futurist time with space ships and space pirates. All very different and very exciting. Once I get bored with a certain plot I either start over and try to spice it up or start a whole new adventure all together. I've notice I do come back and retry situations in my head also.

So my first fantasy or my "main" obession right now is I'm married to the hottest man in the country :) 6'5 muscular, extremely funny, loving, he's "amaranian" which in my mind is a race of super human with tails lol idk how I came up with that but we have children, grand children, and are both top business/superstars in the united states, we travel, go on vacations, fight, make love. This particular daydream I've been indulging in for almost a year. Characters are very well developed, traits, characteristics, looks and even clothing style has been laid out. Setting is in chicago but I frequently visit new york city, china, japan, and britian for business. My character is a very beautiful successful woman who even though very is confident and successful on the outside has battled many issues on the inside which over time she has been able to overcome with the help of her friends, family and determination.

My second fantasy is of myself and a panda who I'm getting married to, ah kinda like kungfu panda lol I know it's weird but this is fantasy after all. In cartoons such as thunder cats and x men there animal like humans...anyways Poe is smart who works hard for everything, money conscious, and extremely good at his job. Myself in this plot, almost the opposite. As poe was able to easily graduate with honor in his program of computer science, I on the other hand came out a degree in communications which Poe deems as worthless. Poe is able to find an internship quickly and lands one of the best jobs in the city while I settle for a job at the corner grocery store. As the plot line continues there is a huge struggle between my little accomplishments and my counter parts success. This story is so rich in emotion and decisions. I personally enjoy this one very much.

My last fantasy at the moment is the classic good v.s. evil voyage. Myself being a young slave girl on a small remote planet far away. The time setting is in the future since there are many planets where people live ranging from robust metropolis to primitive planets where farming and simple living take place. Growing up with my guardian Poe (I tend to weave characters into different stories) on a large plantation where life is simple. We work the farm with a few other workers on the edge of a small town. There are shops, there's a church, stables, a blacksmith. This town however is filled with folklore, myth, and legend. No one is to enter the forest, eat of the animals or drink of the water from the forest for fear of being cursed.

Growing up an obedient and quiet child I had come to realize that I wasn't the same as the rest. I'd fall in to trances and develop strange dark marking on my skin which would soon fade after my mysterious power subsided. My only confidante being Poe, my care taker. Living in fear of being discovered I commited to my life on the quiet farm I called my home. Staying away from the other children as much as possible while dressing in unrevealing clothing and covering up my face. Life was simple.

But that all changed when an outsider from another planet was brought to help tend the plantation. Sensing the trouble he brought I immediately disliked him from the start, avoiding him at every cost...but how could I avoid someone living in my own home?

The story continues where he has been sent to seek out the "one" and bring me to my full potiential as this all powerful sorceress, oracle kinda figure. He's cruel but strong at forcing me to become all that I need to become for the sake of the universe. I've tried to make this man who I call "Barlow" a love interest but I don't think it's an appropriate turn for this fantasy. I don't really know how this daydream will turn out but it's interesting and unlike my usual.

As I play different video games, or see interesting movies, read different books I tend to pick up ideas and weave them in to my mind and plots unfolding. I even download movie soundtracks/instrumentals that will go along with my fantasy/mood.

I wonder if writing down my crazy imagination if it would help me kind of manage my overactive mind. But honestly if I was constructing something I believe it would make myself want to think even deeper into the subject, elaborate more on my alternate reality. I don't really know what my response would be yet but I would like to test it out.

Anyways sorry for the long blog, just wanted to get some stuff out of my head. I personally enjoy the creativity that comes from my frequent daydreams. Beautiful and thrilling stories full of magic, courage, strength and love.

What is it everyone else dreams about? I'm curious :)

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Comment by The1andonlyAbber on June 5, 2014 at 8:53pm
Wow. I had no idea that was so long, sorry!
Comment by The1andonlyAbber on June 5, 2014 at 8:53pm
I used to have like, 20 daydreams, but they were all very shallow (and I kind of outgrew then) so they got boring and I got rid of them. Then I found a new daydream. I like it so much that I don't really have any other daydreams because I don't think they would be as good as this one. The new daydream is a combination of all the best parts of my old daydreams, plus some brand-new stuff. In my daydream, my character is me but a different species (we'll get to that later). My character lives in a strange old mansion at the edge of town (which is basically my house with some extra wings slapped onto it) with her siblings, parents, relatives, and some family friends. My character's best friend Zach (the son of one of the family friends) accidentally caused a huge radiation leak. Afterwards, my character and everyone else in her house has superpowers--they're able to fly and shoot electricity from their hands. Everyone assumes that this is because they have mutated from the radiation accident. They're surprisingly calm about it. Then my character's 8-year-old little sister breaks into a science lab and uses the machines there to make a clone of The Doctor from Doctor Who (my character knows him). Tony, someone else who lives with my character, is kind of a mad scientist who has his own lab. He decides to analyze DNA samples to see what the mutations from the radiation accident were to see if they made us smarter. He found out that we were actually a different species all along and the radiation accident just caused certain genes to activate and that was why we suddenly had powers. We were clearly a genetically engineered species--our DNA was the DNA of a bunch of alien species (and a bit of human DNA too) stitched together. Coincidentally, this is around the same time that Tony and some of my other friends figured out how we could build our own spaceships. So we end up going on a huge quest through space. The people that genetically engineered us left us clues saying that there were 4 other species with different superpowers scattered around the universe and that we were meant to go find them so we could build an empire together as part of a huge experiment. Our species was called the Administrators. our role was to conquer the planets for the empire and rule over the other species.We found the other species, but because we had been apart for so long (the genetic engineering began long before my character was born) our cultures were totally different, so we weren't so sure that us all living together would work. Then we found out more about the aliens that genetically engineered us. They were called the Doloreans. Their species was REALLY advanced. They had "outgrown" (meaning, they thought they were too good for) war, religion, emotions, and pretty much everything, so they just did experiments just because they were bored. All of the 5 species were really mad when they found out. No one would have minded living in an empire with the other species if the experiment was for something important, but they didn't want to have their lives controlled so much just because some self-righteous aliens were bored. So, each species just went and did its own thing. My character's species founded their own empire, the Oakstream Empire. My character became queen, even though she was only 14 at the time, because her parents wanted to act like humans from Earth. Even though my character is in charge of a space empire, her parents still force her to live on Earth. Well, it later turns out the Doloreans WANTED the 5 species to just do their own thing. They wanted to see what it would be like for someone to rebel against them and how they would react if they knew they were being manipulated. My character and her friends are trying to figure out if the Doloreans are still trying to control them. But she has other worries--a secret organization from Earth has infiltrated the US government (which has an alliance with the Oakstream Empire). The secret organization has starships and they're going to invade the Oakstream Empire and try to take over. The Oakstream Empire knows the invasion is coming but they don't know when. My character doesn't know it yet, but it turns out this was also engineered by the Doloreans. Meanwhile, scientists from Earth have stolen samples of my character's DNA and have used it to make a clone of her, but she doesn't know about this either. So yeah, I daydream about crazy sci-fi stuff.
Comment by Joy Richardson on April 11, 2011 at 11:01am
Finally, after so many negative comments on this site. It's nice to see that some other people enjoy their fantasies and use them to enhance life. I'm all for the postive approach. I see day dreaming as a normal, healthy way of living. My situations and characters are part of my life. I occassionally get a strange look if I've inadvertantly spoken out loud to my invisible companion, or have to make a concerted effort to regain reality if I'm in a potentially dangerous real world situation. Fantasy intrusion for me is always controllable and makes life fun. One day, it may be an alternative me in a  day dream, another I may be on dragon back during a turbulant flight, which is exhilarating rather than frightning, especially the free fall air pockets! I find fantansies reduce fear and worries and potential boredom. The only downside is a new fantasy at bed time, I find I stay awake to see where it leads me!
Comment by Sagaris Zabinaya on February 27, 2011 at 12:07am
Woww, that's a cool way of using your daydream. I use my daydream only to run away from reality... you know, like a safe place... I imagine crazy stuff but i never let myself enjoy it because i know it wasn't real. I'm afraid that I might choose to live in my daydream rather than my real world... and I might turn crazy, and live a hard life... because by living in my own daydreams... my social skills will begin to suck over time. But i guess a little fun is no harm :) lol
Comment by Kira on February 25, 2011 at 7:48pm
I must say, I too pick up ideas from various movies and books, spinning them and creating an entirely new story. Along with music tuned to the mood. :)

I daydream about fandom, mostly. Sometimes, I can be Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU to Sherlock Holmes from Arthur Conan Doyle's works. My daydreams can be original characters as well, thoroughly planned out although. And mostly set in the Victorian era. Sometimes I even combine daydreams!

You're daydreams were very interesting to read. I love insight on others' creative minds. :)

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