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Does anyone find that practicing mindfulness helps to reduce their MD?

Somehow, beating all my expectations, I've managed to practice mindfulness everyday so far this year. 15 days and going strong! Normally my MD/procrastination kicks in, as it does with everything, and I just don't get around to doing it.

I find that sitting still and trying to be mindful is really hard. It's just so difficult to still my mind and just be. I use a couple of apps on my phone. My mind is so busy! Is that just part of MD? I suppose people with MD probably have very active minds.

I've been having a few sessions with a counsellor recently, as had some problems at work. I mentioned my daydreaming (not MD, he won't have heard of it), and that for me it's part of procrastination and avoidance. We talked about being mindful with it, just observing 'oh, I'm daydreaming' and letting it be without judging. I find that sort of mindful acknowedgement of thoughts helps me to lower worry and anxiety. Let's see if it helps with my daydreaming...


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Comment by Ulaan Gom on January 19, 2017 at 12:01am

I'm confident that mindfulness will help over time. Keep up the good work! I think one of our main objectives should be understanding what we want our minds to focus on if we're not daydreaming. For example, I tried practicing mindfulness this evening when experiencing a strong urge to daydream, and at least I was able to recognize that I was daydreaming and catch myself. While recognition is a good first step, I found it difficult to determine where I should place my mind's focus. It's almost as if my mind was unwilling to accept the present. Have any of you experienced this, and if so, do you have any suggestions as where to focus your mind?

Comment by Dreamcatcher on January 16, 2017 at 9:45pm

HI there. Thanks for posting about this. Wow, 15 days is really good! I've been trying mindfulness and meditation in general to see if they will help to reduce or control my MD. It's been pretty difficult and discouraging so far, but maybe because I'm doing it wrong or trying hard to take my focus off my MD. However, I will take the tips from you and Aj and try acknowledging without judgement the daydreaming that occurs instead of forcing myself to distract myself from my daydreams (if that makes sense, lol). Thanks again and good luck with your mindfulness practice :)

Comment by Aj on January 16, 2017 at 2:50pm
Mindfulness definitely helps my MD, though of course it becomes harder when I'm experiencing more stress. I think mindfulness is a wonderful tool for MDers to practice throughout their life. It also sometimes helps me feel less of an urge to daydream when I just mindfully acknowledge "bad" feelings instead of trying to escape them (which I'd normally do by daydreaming).

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