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I just signed up to Wild Minds Network. But I've had MD for oooh, 23 years. Scary. And scary that I'm getting older... Not that I knew that it was MD for most of that time. I just thought that there was something wrong with me. Mostly that I was lazy and useless, as I could never get out of bed and get anything done because I was so distracted by my daydreams. 

So it's the start of 2017. I've never like New Year's Eve (it's sort of like compulsory fun and I've never had many friends, so often stuck with nothing to do). But I do like taking the new year as a chance to think about my life. What do I actually want in my life? What do I need to do differently? I guess like everyone, I just want to have a happy life!

I love my daydreams. It's a comfort blanket, warm and cosy. But I also hate them. I hate that they stop me doing things. From the simple (get up and dressed at a reasonable time girl!) to the important (get that job application written and submitted!). 

I think MD will always be with me. I don't think it's likely I could get rid of it completely. And really, would I want to? When I try to stop daydreaming completely, I feel hollow somehow. My mind seems to thrash around, trying to find something to settle on.

I want to be able to control it. I want to have a more fulfilling real life. But I also want the creativity, comfort and release that my daydreams give me. That's my hope for 2017. To work towards a better balance. I want to harness my MD to make the most of both of my 'lives' - the real one and the imagined one. Reading MDers' posts online, it seems we're an incredibly imaginative, creative bunch. How do other people use their MD in the real world? My daydreams are very separate from my life. I wish I could write well - just think of all the amazing books and films that our MD would produce!

Happy new year all! I hope 2017 is a happy one.


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Comment by Camoran on January 3, 2017 at 3:50am

In order to achieve what you called a better balance, you have a lot of work ahead of you. By discovering that what you have is MDD, you've only scratched the surface. You'll have  to keep digging into your own mind and study what you find as you do it, in order to figure out what causes it.

You will likely not get any ultimate results at first, in that case keep digging, when you hit the core you'll know it. Once you've gotten to that point, you'll know what you need to work on.

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