I rarely daydream at work, but today is an exception

I've shared this elsewhere on the site,  but I'm one of those who pace when they daydream. More specifically though, I act out my daydreams, speaking the lines and, essentially, carrying out the character's actions as if I really were the character (in my mind, the scenes/actions play out like a movie). This limits my daydreaming time to when I'm completely alone/at home. At work or in the car, I can do it if I really want to. It's no problem to talk out loud while I'm in the car, or rock out to some music (although, I do get kind of self-conscious if it's stop and go traffic). However, the real problem is work. Since I'm around other people, I can't drift too far into my mind, but on days like today, I want to. So basically, I just whisper to myself all the lines that the characters say. I mimic the facial expressions they would have. I just basically can't move like they would. 

I guess it's better than nothing, and it certainly distracts from my work. I wonder why I have an increased desire to do it at work today. Maybe sleep deprivation. Maybe stress. Maybe returning back to my every day life and routine after a week of having my long-distance fiance here.

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Comment by Blanca Margatroid on January 14, 2014 at 4:30am
Yeah, I use to act the daydream out too. At work what I do is play the movie in my head, so to speak.

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