I posted this in the forum under a thread about current daydreams, but I felt it was necessary to post here because I find it so interesting.

My current daydreaming scenario is a little unconventional, but it intrigued me enough to explore it in real life. Pole dancing! For fitness, not for a living. ;) My main character is actually a male, and though in some ways he represents characteristics I wish I had, I don't consider him an idealized version of me (though my boyfriend tells me that Alex reminds him a lot of myself). Alex is quite masculine and, well, ladies and gay men, he's just your typical-looking ripped, totally attractive, flawless model-type rock star. You know, the usual. ;) 

ANYWAY. He does a surprise pole dancing routine for some on-lookers at the park in my current daydream sequence. The random people in the park are showing off, trying to do some pole dancing, sort of mockingly. And then Alex shows up, unexpectedly, and shows them how it's done (the song I've been  using ad nauseum is Kidrock's "Cowboy", just to paint the picture haha). Alex takes a feminine, sexualized routine and makes it edgy and masculine. The classic pole dancing moves become accentuated in their strength and beauty by seeing a strong, typical-looking "macho" man do it without sassing it up (a la Chipendale dancers). He incorporates some other dance styles, like hip hop/breakdancing, too. It is really cool to me.

The odd part is that I act out all of my daydreams, so there I am, pretending to spin and jump and twirl in my room...but it looks ridiculous because I have no pole. Obviously it feels real to me, so I don't care. But it got me to thinking, why couldn't I learn to do this? I couldnt' think of one reason why not. So I looked it up and there is a pole dancing fitness class in Nashville! So I will be doing that in a couple weeks. I'm very excited.

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Comment by Queen Dopamine on January 7, 2014 at 12:14pm

That's so awesome!! I'm glad you're doing that. Yeah, I'm not nearly as coordinated as Alex, but I think I will surprise myself. ;) I hope it goes well!! Sounds like fun. That's really cool that you did that. :D

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