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The desire to MD will never leave - but that's okay

Hi, so lately I've been doing a lot of self-improvement and working on myself, and I realised that finally, I am happy with my life. I feel at ease, and I always thought that would stop my want to MD. It hasn't though. And when I did indulge, I realise that my daydreams wanted a different life than the one normal-me wanted. A life filled with adventure and danger, but I don't want that, not right now and not as I spend the rest of my life. 

I still want to MD now, but I do it much…


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How do you daydream?

I'm reading through blogs and realising there are so many ways people daydream. Like, do you guys only have one way of daydreaming, do you have multiple, do you need music or need to be in a certain space, I'm genuinely interested!! :) 

Also how else does it affect you? I mumble to myself when I walk, kind of humming the conversation in my mind. If that makes sense :) 

Also, does anyone else daydream with spinning? 

I know I seem really excited today haha, I'm just happy…


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Persona Vs Real Life, and my story

When I was 7, my parents divorced. While I don't remember if it affected me or not, I do remember developing MD in that same year. It helped me a lot to distract from everything, and I built up this persona in my mind where I had freedom and power. 

As I grew older, my MDs made me feel like I was invincible. This took a hit to my social skills and awareness, and led me to get bullied once I entered high school. I thought that if I became my persona in my daydreams, the everyone would…


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My lil intro :)

Hi, I signed up for this thing a while ago but I thought it was dead so I didn't end up using it. But hey, here I am!

I developed MD when I was 7, and it's still around today. I usually use writing and art as a way to express my experiences with it. As much as I appreciate it for helping me through rough times, I kinda want it gone. It's taken up so much of my time, my goals, my social life, and it's been getting worse lately, even though I feel happy. I was hoping to find some people…


Added by Mils on October 23, 2023 at 4:18pm — 2 Comments

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