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People with tumblr, please help!

I don't know how many of you knows Misha Collins and GISHWHES, but they are making a giveaway today, and the rule is YOU DON'T GET PRESENTS, BUT YOU CAN NOMINEE SOMEONE FOR THEM!

I really really really want to get something for my best friend, because she's amazing! Please if you can, share my post about it to make it more visible! 

Here's the link: …


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Taking pills

I'm taking Rexetin and Frontin for depression now. My sleep-pattern got better, and I feel better, but I'm not sure if it's because of the pills or because it's the summer and now my life is not as stressfull. I also moved out, so at least I got away from my parents, which is brilliant, even if I have to live with 8 other girls in a dormitory full of mold and trash. I got a summer job, and it's okay, I wish I could get enough money so I don't have to move back home...

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The thinking paradox

What is the difference between the brain activity when I'm thinking about the great questions of life, when I'm daydreaming or when I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to make that pizza? 

I don't know, but I doubt there is any. I'm daydreaming since my early childhood, and it became part of my thinking process. It's effective, when I need to imagine future situations because it allows me to find the best route of action. Scenarios, systems became easier to read. My constant…


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I made this

I made this picture for an art contest. The girl is a cyborg artificial human thingy and actually one of my daydream characters. Her name is Trixy, and she's a computer genius. She organizes my world's digital archives and overall computer system simply called the…


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I was and I am so sick right now.. my teeth hurts, and I have shingles and I'm pretty much heading to the grave right now. Not to mention it's exam time, and I need to get my things together for erasmus and I'll just fail everything....
I don't want to do anything I'm even sick of pointless daydreaming right now, I just want to write my book... Please send me a time turner if you have it...

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! What a brilliant night we have, perfect to introduce some new talents, the rising stars of our century! Please welcome:...

Okay, that was enough for playful introduction, let's get to business! 

Browsing through this site I read some of your stories and experiences about MD. Quite a lot of you imagine her/himself in these…


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To the day-dreamer - a poem

To the day-dreamer 

Where has the lustre of your eyes descended? 

What do they seek in murky depths of space?

Shedding tears for an ecstasy that ended, 

or the dark rose that fled without a trace? 

Do apparitions on the future's veil

draw nigh with fearful pictures of dismay? 

Do you distrust your fate, all wan and pale, 

because you once were lost upon the way? 

Look at the world and see how very few 

among its millions…


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A lot of people think helping someone is the good thing to do. They are wrong.

Helping someone is the Normal thing to do. When you do something extraordinary, or try to do something beyond your capabilities to help, that's when you could say- Yeah, now I really did something good. This way of thinking should be natural for people.

I'm writing this, because sometimes it's so easy, it takes just a few worlds, just a phone call, and you can instantly make someones day brighter... so…


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Living the Dream

Maladaptive daydreaming is a condition where you’re sitting on a beach, watching the waves, imagining what is under the water’s surface. The world behind you is a desert, and even if it’s not, you can not turn around to look at it because the water is so so pretty. You know you can not breathe underwater, you know you can not go there, because in the moment you leave the land completely you will drown and die, but still… 

You will sit there forever, and it will destroy you, because…


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Lost inspiration

Every morning, when I finally resurface from my messed up dreamworld, I enter another imaginary land of monsters, wizards, dragons and gods. 

I need that lazy hour for myself, just listening some repetitive music and daydreaming about everything forbidden.

This might be a good thing, because who wouldn't want to become a part of an epic story instead of the boring, grey and average consumer life? But sometimes, I need to focus on other things, reality, and I just…


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Hello there...

I'm a hungarian girl, who daydreams a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean all the time. I'm doing it since I was eight years old, I can't remember exactly. It's not about just imagining myself as successful, beautiful, or as a movie star... I have different characters representing me (various gender even), and I also have at least fifty more... with personalities, and unique stories. I created a complex world system, with dimensions, timelines and histories. 

It would be great if me and…


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