Every morning, when I finally resurface from my messed up dreamworld, I enter another imaginary land of monsters, wizards, dragons and gods. 

I need that lazy hour for myself, just listening some repetitive music and daydreaming about everything forbidden.

This might be a good thing, because who wouldn't want to become a part of an epic story instead of the boring, grey and average consumer life? But sometimes, I need to focus on other things, reality, and I just can't.

I'm writing a book, but there are days when I get stuck, and then I feel cheated... I feel sad, because why, just why is that, my brain can produce a crossover or a fanfiction, but when I need it the most, it just turns itself off? 

It's like having something special, an ability, which is useless in situations when you need it. 

I feel pretty useless most of the time, but at least I have something other people often envy. They really do. This is the only part of me what is worth noting, and when it fails me... I become invisible. 

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Comment by Stormy on September 16, 2013 at 3:00pm

I think I understand what you are saying here. Correct me if I'm wrong. I used to identify my quirk as a writer's mind. And for sure writers do have minds like ours. Maybe theirs is more controlled and not as "wild" but this creative, fantastical thinking we do - well obviously - writing and this mind can easily become mutually exclusive. But with me I would try to write it down and become frustrated for a number of reasons. It didn't feel the same while writing. I couldn't concentrate on the act of writing, or typing, or voice recording (for notes) AND enter my world. So, it would feel flat and lifeless and I really did not like it. I would give up and just sit on my bed and drift off into my world and to hell with the writing part.

That said I still *am* a writer. I love to write. But I just cannot seem to write fiction. I've made enough attempts. I would rather live it in my head than put it down on paper. And this really frustrates me to no end!

Comment by Noé Salvador Cuervo Carvallo on September 15, 2013 at 7:58pm

... there is a only way to fix that... and for us is not easy (for the focus) and is work every day, not matter what... in some point, went you finish (if you finish) the product of that work made you happy. 

And if you are stuck, write other thing that you now. Jump parts. But made something.

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