A lot of people think helping someone is the good thing to do. They are wrong.
Helping someone is the Normal thing to do. When you do something extraordinary, or try to do something beyond your capabilities to help, that's when you could say- Yeah, now I really did something good. This way of thinking should be natural for people.
I'm writing this, because sometimes it's so easy, it takes just a few worlds, just a phone call, and you can instantly make someones day brighter... so why didn't you?
Two days ago a young man jumped out of a hotel window (5th floor) attempting suicide. When I walked past there a bit later the police was already there... I found it alarming... I mean, where's the doctors, the ambulance, shouldn't they be the first to arrive? It turns out, there were a lot of people around when the incident happened, but instead of making an emergency call, they just took photos and posted the happenings on facebook. No one called for help, until much later. The worst is... the man was alive for a short period of time after he hit the asphalt but only one man went to his side to check his state. He would have died anyway yes, he wanted to die yes... but still...
It so sad that we live in a world where we can not help everyone and make them feel better about themselves so they wouldn't even think about commiting suicide, but it's even worse when in a situation like this we just stand and hope that maybe someone else will take action and do something.
I'm really happy this community exist, it good to see people trying to help each other or figuring out solutions together for their similar problems. I'm sorry for making you gloomy with this story, it bothered me a lot.

Please don't be sad about your life, about your condition even if it bothers you a lot. We live in a beautiful world - well, a lot of us live in Two- and we, ourselves make it unique. Everything will be just fine!

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