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Lunarbaboon and daydreaming

Lunarbaboon ( ) is a web-comic about daily life and the extraodinary things inside it.

He recently published this strip:

I wonder if he is referring to daydreaming :)

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Sometimes you need to write


although my DD decreased a lot, there are still days (like these) where I'm flooded by external triggers and the unstoppable fantasies become almost law. So here am I, due to the needing of express my self.

Will be the sweet smell of spring's flowers, or the impalpable rain of pollen that envelops me when going to the university, it seems to me i've passed a breaking point, there is no more way to hold them, and then i start DD.

Ok, DD is creativity but losing the…


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6 months later

In the past years I realized I had a problem, but in a subtle way, intangible, a thought that vanished when I tried to touchThe snowA soap bubble. 

I realized the problem the day I come here, like 6 months ago.

I'm succesfull in managing the DD, althought some dark days…


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strange night-dream

What do you (night)dream (when you are asleep!), when your daydreaming is decreasing?

First talk about my daydreaming:

It's not significant what there in the dreams, but when i create a DD-story, i often review it changing some details I don't like anymore, and it became a continuos modification of the history of DD, like searching the "perfect-dream".

Now about my nightdream:

these days i decreased the rating of DD,and this night i've done an unusual… Continue

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Hi to all!

Oh well..

i just find this site in a journal in the library just 5 minutes ago (time to walk to home! hehe)

i hope to find a lot of (possibly strange:) people with which to compare.

What about me?

I always spent a lot of time daydreaming.

Since I was young,at school, people consider me funny and extravagant.…


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