although my DD decreased a lot, there are still days (like these) where I'm flooded by external triggers and the unstoppable fantasies become almost law. So here am I, due to the needing of express my self.

Will be the sweet smell of spring's flowers, or the impalpable rain of pollen that envelops me when going to the university, it seems to me i've passed a breaking point, there is no more way to hold them, and then i start DD.

Ok, DD is creativity but losing the link with reality make it a sterile practice. Useless. Dreaming seems rooted in my nature and i try to let it find the route of constructivity. 

I'll try to step up some of the practices i usually do, like meditation, although i find no link with religion, but it is (for its definition), a way to stay awake. I use it to feel where am I, to train me to stay awake during the day.

And that's all buddies.

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