In the past years I realized I had a problem, but in a subtle way, intangible, a thought that vanished when I tried to touchThe snowA soap bubble. 

I realized the problem the day I come here, like 6 months ago.

I'm succesfull in managing the DD, althought some dark days i return in the spiral of DD, these are some tips I use in the everyday life:

- Trying to have a wide view of the world around, where I am, what and who I have around, this takes  difficult  to bring me in a totally different world.

- When I feel it is about to begin a daydream, maintaining the feeling of where I am, I try to figure out what I want, and how can I get it, usually are things I can't immediately get, so I just apply(or do some steps) to get it in the future. Then the necessity of DD became stronger and I often yeld to temptationbut this is for a limited timeand not a problem for me.

- Generally I do not feel regret for short and interesting daydreaming  (non-repetitive), and as long as they are short spaced by the rational presence, in fact everyone DD, the problem is when they occupy the whole day:D

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