What do you (night)dream (when you are asleep!), when your daydreaming is decreasing?

First talk about my daydreaming:
It's not significant what there in the dreams, but when i create a DD-story, i often review it changing some details I don't like anymore, and it became a continuos modification of the history of DD, like searching the "perfect-dream".

Now about my nightdream:
these days i decreased the rating of DD,and this night i've done an unusual (sleep-)dream:
in truth it was a sequence of dreams, of many many dreams.

Each one with the same general scene but every time this was quite different.

So it remembered me what I do in my daydreams!

There's never happened to you?

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Comment by Jhonny Gilbert on July 25, 2011 at 12:39am
For me I dont see any relationship with day dreams and night dreams as of now... may be there is some relationship and i dont recognize it..

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