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well divorce took forever cost my 6,000 and I got stuck with motorcycles I had to sell for payments. praying they'll keep paying for them. I'm still angry and I don't think I'll ever get over it. my boyfriend is great we have little problems, heck my son takes all my time and working part time to take care of him. so I have no money and way indebt, probably if I can get free legal help file for bankruptcy. but that cost a big chunk of money to file so maybe not. I try not to think about it…


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a year later still angry and still want to go home.

Finally got my lawyer to schedule a court date because this has gone over a year now in divorce. I had to meet him to look at the motorcycle to see if I would take it and the payments. yeah I may have scratched the paint but he's beat it up. Its covered in dents and the rear blinkers held on with duct tape. I've been trying to distract my self all day from violents and angry daydreams. I'm 8 months pregnant I don't need to be stressing out, day dreams make my pulse rate soar and I'm already…


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religious differences

so in a some tizzy over religious comments and I don't know how to deal with it. of course I can't daydream a good outcome to it.

First off I have nothing against any religion. Here's my back story, I married a looser sailor that cheated on me and dumped me in oklahoma thousands of miles away from any family or my friends. I meet a great guy here and who knew after trying for 6 years with pos husband it only takes 4 months to get pregnant, I had given up on ever having kids at this…


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daydream cramps

So I was printing out pieces of a pattern for a baby bib and I was already imagining tracing it out on news print paper. daydreaming on the fabric i'd used when I get a big ol tummy cramp. Really makes me feel like daydreaming and pregnancy not such a good combo, but how to do things I want to do and not day dream is hard.

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a book I started to write about my daydreams

Let me introduce myself in the manner of other famous vampires. I’m Lavar, 16 years old, 6 feet, blond hair, and of course blue eyes. My grandfather was a viking, I got his looks. Vampires are out, pretty much because some scientists got a hold of one and tortured him with tests. So of course he escapes and decides to sue them. He took the video tapes of the tests with him so it wasn’t hard to point out which was the inhuman in those. So he won and we have a lot of new laws. Like if…


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a new word for the hand thing

I got a wild hair to do a search on my problem of daydream and involuntary hand movement. I found links on maladaptive daydreaming. yeah a name for it, I identify with all the symptoms just too bad not much research on it. I've done it my whole life, even as a baby. when I day dream I'm gone totally in the movie in my head and I move my hands. I can't see my hands or much anything else. but sometimes the noise of my fingers rubbing together "wakes" me up. Sometimes I even let out a squeek.…


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