a year later still angry and still want to go home.

Finally got my lawyer to schedule a court date because this has gone over a year now in divorce. I had to meet him to look at the motorcycle to see if I would take it and the payments. yeah I may have scratched the paint but he's beat it up. Its covered in dents and the rear blinkers held on with duct tape. I've been trying to distract my self all day from violents and angry daydreams. I'm 8 months pregnant I don't need to be stressing out, day dreams make my pulse rate soar and I'm already out of breath. I've decorated the tree, caught up on dvr shows and made a stew. always seems to be plenty of time to daydream in there, thier either violent or I'm degrading him or some slut he's with. I'm so broke and I just want to leave this state so much. I just want to go back home but I can't. half my boyfriends family ticks me off. after the whole don't come to thanksgiving and here's a 10 yr old recalled crib for your baby we're royaly pissed at each other. which is fine with me I don't want them to have an influence on my son as they have their favorites and you know he'd get the shitty gifts on holidays while he watched his cousin get the nice stuff. Lets not forget the brother up for murdering his wife is allowed to insult me but shame on me for lashing back pointed out his flaws. My boyfriend is a great guy who admits to being the only one who can stand his family without getting too upset tho he is touchy about thanksgiving and the crib. I wish I could afford it and convince him to go with me back home.

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Comment by Poopsie Holbrook on December 23, 2012 at 8:43pm

its pretty much the same right now, new job has gotten stressful with a coach thats a real B$#&h. dick head came back with a he'll take my bike and I pay his late fees. my responce hell no I've kept up on my half of the payments for a year, he can't even do that. so no he can't have my bike thats in good shape and he sure can't be trusted to not ruin my credit with this loan. but I told my lawyer no more sending anything back and forth. I get charged a couple hundred everytime, we'll just go to court.

Comment by Gina Black on December 23, 2012 at 8:10pm

We'll be waiting to hear the news, by the way! I wish everything goes well :)

Comment by Gina Black on December 23, 2012 at 8:08pm

Oh my, that's a lot of pressure to take in...Best wishes from me and courage. Try to relax as much as you can afford, and do things you enjoy, maybe watch your favorite shows or read a book...haters will hate, so just don't listen to them. There is only one month left, after all, don't let them ruin it! Any crib is a palace in comparison to a home filled with such toxic behavior.

Comment by taffle on December 17, 2012 at 7:50am
Sounds complicated. I hope you get this sorted out somehow.

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