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Recently Yahoo! picked up an article about maladaptive daydreaming featuring our fearless leader, Cordellia. I'm 100% behind anything that gets our issue out in the open and raises awareness. But it makes me feel like my bubble will be burst. When I first found out that there were other people like me I was so relieved! Then I felt like I had to change from being an oddball to being part of a group. That was a new experience. It's still foreign for me to feel like I "belong" somewhere but I…


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My MD stopped and I want it back!

Hi everyone, it's been a while. Something weird has happened to me and I have been debating whether or not to post about it. But I think this is important since so many of us are hoping for a cure for MD or at least to know what it's like for it to stop. This has just been my experience and I'm sure someone else may have a totally different story. I don't want to give the impression that it's better to have MD than to be free of it! I am not taking any sort of drug or…


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My attempt to bridge DD with reality, baby steps

So these are the Cornish pasties I've just cooked today. I have never been to Cornwall, never eaten a Cornish pasty, nor have I ever tried to cook any sort of pie. However, many of my dd's have English characters (I'm American) and I ran into several news articles debating exactly what constitutes a proper "Cornish" pasty. So being a self repecting Brit loving MD…


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Normal People's Thoughts

 I wonder what "normal people" think about. I see them driving in their cars, going to wherever they need to be and I wonder "Is it like a machine in their brain saying 'Drive to work, stop at light, go when it's green, mmmm I want a steak for dinner'." I know normal people have hopes and dreams but what is it like for them to just think about it a little bit? Are they thinking about the task at hand and does their mind wander only a certain distance until reality reels them back in? When…


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A Week Off

So I have a week off work and my plan was to cut down on the MD'ing, get some housework done, clean the garage, solve the debt crisis, and at least have something to say when someone asks how my vacation was. Nopes. Not happening.

 When I was younger I imagined my daydreams were plans for the future, then I got older and decided that they were still ideas that I could put into action. Now I'm nearly 38 and well....they are just day dreams. The "me" in my day dreams is getting older…


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I'm new and this is my 1st blog post

Here is a back story about me. I have gained alot of insight reading about the other DD'ers here so maybe this will help someone too. I am nearly 38, female, divorced, no kids.

I am new to this site so I hope I'm posting properly. I am meaning for this to be a blog post to introduce myself to people who want to get to know me, I'm sorry if it goes out to everyone as a blanket post.

I have been daydreaming ever since I can remember a conscious thought. I was not abused as a…


Added by J Noland on July 24, 2011 at 3:16pm — 2 Comments

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