I wonder what "normal people" think about. I see them driving in their cars, going to wherever they need to be and I wonder "Is it like a machine in their brain saying 'Drive to work, stop at light, go when it's green, mmmm I want a steak for dinner'." I know normal people have hopes and dreams but what is it like for them to just think about it a little bit? Are they thinking about the task at hand and does their mind wander only a certain distance until reality reels them back in? When does the reality call them back? I have tried to think like a normal person but I end up totally Vulcan-like. I know I'm not doing it right.

  I am currently in a phase where I have accepted my daydreaming and will allow it only if it doesn't start to affect my work. Now that I've been exposed to this world where there's other MD'ers the normal folk are becoming "specimens" to me. They are kinda cute with their little determined actions and entertainments that must be given to them by someone else's imagination. Certainly I will become upset that my real life has suffered at the expense of my dream life and I will hope to figure out how to be normal. Then I'll realise that normal sucks and I want my DD life back. I'm sure a blog post will follow.

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Comment by Truthful Alibi on August 11, 2011 at 9:07am

I find myself wondering this all the time! Well not all the time, most of it I'm DDing : )

I normally wonder 'How do non MDers daydream?'  I think I have DDed in a way similar to how normal people/non MDers daydream, basically just lying around thinking about how it would be good if something happened in real life (I say this because some of us MDers don't DD about real life)

Yeah, we can't read other people's minds :( too bad.  Well, I've got another idea for DDing now ; ) lol joke

Comment by Hana on August 8, 2011 at 9:03pm
I feel this way too. When I was in school people would legit gawk at and praise my creativity. They would tell me how amazing my projects were, that they envied the way I wrote stories, they told me I should go into acting etc... But it always got to me why other people couldn't be as imaginative as I was. Of course now I know I owe all my creative success to MD but nevertheless, maybe my imagination is running on over drive, but is theirs like, not running at all?
Comment by glorybemine on August 7, 2011 at 7:42pm
I think even nonMDers have some thinking patterns of MDers. like ruminating over an incident, revaluating a conversation they had with someone and thinking how they could've done better.. etc. but generally they tend to be more alert that daydreaemers becasue their thouhgts are more like idle mental chatter as opposed to intense and complex daydreaming which cuts one out from the external world. in short non MDers are definitely more available to information around them than MDers.
Comment by J Noland on August 7, 2011 at 7:03am

When I say "normal" I mean someone who does not MD. For sure there are no truly normal people in the world and I am mighty glad that MD is my issue (or whatever). When I'm trying to stop MD'ing for a while I wonder how in the heck to do it. If I were to ask a non-MD'er about their dd's would they say their dd's only last a few seconds? Don't they get bored alot? Do their real relationships become as intense and complicated as my fantasy ones? What does that feel like? Sounds scary. When they watch a great movie don't they want to inhabit that world and try it on for a while? How can they just be happy keeping the DVD in their collection?

Anette- I kind of envy them too! Only sometimes though :)

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