So I have a week off work and my plan was to cut down on the MD'ing, get some housework done, clean the garage, solve the debt crisis, and at least have something to say when someone asks how my vacation was. Nopes. Not happening.

 When I was younger I imagined my daydreams were plans for the future, then I got older and decided that they were still ideas that I could put into action. Now I'm nearly 38 and well....they are just day dreams. The "me" in my day dreams is getting older too. I wonder if I'll start dd'ing about eternal youth. Well I am a True Blood fan so there's always vampires. *sigh*

 EludeMyFantasies just wrote a blog post about how the days and seasons just all run together and time just blows by. I read it just after I decided to write this post. I really couldn't have said it better. Summer comes, back to school stuff comes out, then Halloween and Christmas, suddenly it's Spring again and I've wasted another year day dreaming my time away. But wait, those dreams aren't a waste of time! I love those places, those people, those experiences! So what if I neglected some boring thing or if my garage has cat sick I need to clean up? My bills are payed and I can keep a good job all while enjoying the rich fantasy life that has more detail and possibility than any World of Warcraft addict would kill for! But would real life be better? What if I knew what I was missing? Could it possibly compare to my fantasy worlds? Would it be better? I am not sure I want to know. How can you stop an addiction that happens as fast as a single synapse in your brain? If a heroin addict could simply "think" the drug into their veins would they be able to control it? Is that an unfair comparision? I hope it doesn't offend anyone as it is a real question of mine.

 So I have a struggle of to dream or not to dream. A devil and an angel on each shoulder. There are people with bigger problems in this world, people who would slap my face if they knew this was my big struggle in life. I try to keep a perspective on how fortunate I am. Now if only I could come up with a good story about how I wasted a whole week off.

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Comment by J Noland on August 4, 2011 at 5:55pm
TJ- Well I guess I don't know what my real life hobbies would actually be. That is a question I dread from "normal people." I spent alot of time developing the pretend me that I've neglected the real me. I try to work out regularly, garden (bumper crop of pumpkins this year!), reading. I work full time so during a normal week I don't feel too bad about not doing much else. I do better with low stress stuff. Clutter stresses me out so I feel accomplished when I survey a freshly cleaned room. Photography is your hobby? I have a friend who does that, alot more than just finding something pretty and taking a picture!

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