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Overwhelmed :'(

I don't know what to do right now.  I want to know what is wrong with me.  I have spend hours in the last two months reading psychology websites, psychoanalyzing myself, and toying with the idea of seeing a psychologist.  Wednesday I finally gave up on self-diagnosis and decided to see a professional of some sort.  I thought the best place to start would be in my university’s counseling center, so I went there on Thursday to make an appointment.  I thought it would take a while to get an…


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Need to get back into my self

I have been daydreaming a lot in the past few days- my old, usual daydreams based on fictional characters and fictional situations.  I haven't focused much on these daydreams in the past few months because I have been preoccupied with other things, but some old triggers came up recently, bringing these to the forefront of my mind.  

In some ways, it is nice to get back into the good old simple daydreams, where the events and characters have little connection to the things that happen…


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Starting all over again

Ever since I started daydreaming when I was five years old, I have based most of my daydreams on books, movies, and tv shows.  I never daydreamed about real people.  I did, however, struggle with feelings that my daydreams made me a freak or that I was irresponsible for allowing myself to indulge in this fantasy.  Over the years, I tried to stop on several occasions, but it never lasted for long.

About a year ago, my sophomore year of college, I learned about MD and discovered this…


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Email Anxiety

This post is about social anxiety rather than daydreaming, but some of you might be able to identify with it.

I have always suffered from mild social anxiety: shyness, insecurity, reluctance to start conversations, etc..  However, I am usually able to overcome this when I need to.  If I really need to talk to someone about something, I can usually force myself to start the conversation, and once the conversation gets going, it isn't that bad.

However, in the past few years…


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