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What if maladaptive daydreaming is a medical necessity?

 have not generated any new input for a long time but I can to realize that my condition could have been a form of self-medication to help me deal with my sleep apea.  In my case, I suffered from depression beginning from the third grades, that is also when I can remember the day dreaming.  In my case day dreaming was about creating characters, stories and above all relationships that made me happy.  Happy enough to create serration, I am sure this was a method of self coping that my body…


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Published a book!

I haven't been visiting this site in awhile.  I finally managed to publish my first novel as an ebook.  It is on a site called smashwords.com, you can find it by doing a search on the author name which is "Veradance".  You can download 20% for free so give it a look.  The reason I bring it up was this is really the first productive thing I have done with MD.  I am close to 60 and have lived with this my whole life, I learned to manage it.  I hope to write more and improve with each one.  I…


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For me my daydreaming has a strong link to depression.  I have suffered from life threatening depression since I was in grade school.  My emotions in real life where always trying to kill me.  It was only in daydreaming where I became someone else that I could escape the self-loathing.  I tried different medications and several different years of therapy but it made no difference.  It was only in my Christianity that I was able to finally break the power of it.  Yet I could not give up the…


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Oldest MD ??

I am begining to suspect, I may be the oldest member currently attached to this Maladaptive Dreamer.   Good news, finally I am leading the curve on something!  It must be a challenge to build an interactive group from a selection of people who by their very defination do not interact with other real human beings, at least not well or on an emotional level.  There are of course exceptions but in general I think that…


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