For me my daydreaming has a strong link to depression.  I have suffered from life threatening depression since I was in grade school.  My emotions in real life where always trying to kill me.  It was only in daydreaming where I became someone else that I could escape the self-loathing.  I tried different medications and several different years of therapy but it made no difference.  It was only in my Christianity that I was able to finally break the power of it.  Yet I could not give up the daydreaming, where I could find the respect, love and acomplishments that would never be mine in reality.  I tried to split the difference by making sure that my day dreams where never about the real world or my real life.  In my real life my emotions are sealed to prevent them from escaping and causing harm.  In my dreams the character is free to feel positive feelings, if I were not so lazy, I would write more books.


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Comment by Julie on May 23, 2011 at 9:29pm
Hi, Jane. I also consider myself a Christian although Polish religious systems is so ridiculous, so involved in the country political life and so prejudiced that I can't go to church normally. Anyway, this doesn't change internal state of mind. What I like about Christianity and basically any religion is they tell that your life doesn't belong to you only. Knowing this, you become less egoistic and more open to act, to help, to give. Hopefully, in positive way. Deseased John Paul II is also a kind of role model for me and what I liked about him is that he was always on the run, he had a lot of interests (writing, singing, swimming, skiing, etc.) and wonderful sense of humor and he was always trying to help. To sum up, I think, that you're in better situation due to your faith and opening yourself to "giving" should bring more sense to life. Maybe, you can talk to your community, where you can help. And then you'll have less time for dreams and, hopefully, more friends. Or, at least more meaning in life. Anyway,maybe, the advise is wrong, but I tried :)

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