What if maladaptive daydreaming is a medical necessity?

 have not generated any new input for a long time but I can to realize that my condition could have been a form of self-medication to help me deal with my sleep apea.  In my case, I suffered from depression beginning from the third grades, that is also when I can remember the day dreaming.  In my case day dreaming was about creating characters, stories and above all relationships that made me happy.  Happy enough to create serration, I am sure this was a method of self coping that my body chose to keep me alive, and perhaps sane.

Then as I mature I developed sleep apea, even though I had not been diagnosed, I had terrible snoring and could never remember dreaming when I sleep.  Whenever I actually had a job that included insurance I could afford, testing for sleep apea was not covered. In fact I did not get tested until my late fifties, which immediately got me a machine,  I learned that I was choking and struggling so hard to breathe that my body could never slip in to sleep deep enough to dream.  It was also the cause of chronic fatique and other unpleasant things.  Again I thing a lot of the maladaptive dreaming was done to make up for this huge gap in the natural biorhythm of my body.  I still do maladaptive dreaming but it is more something I wait to do, am I am still addicted to it, yes.  But if it is something your body actually needs can it truly be called an addiction?

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Comment by maro on November 8, 2016 at 4:26am

i think daydream is a way to cope to reality because expectations and needs want met

it destroy life like addiction ..we claim we have 2 lives no we are not living half of our live every thing is incomplete

daydream coping affect our life but not to better

in fact if our problem was to cope in our now our problem is in facing dream then try to cope totally make it worse it is like addiction in everything even in defination also the addictive way we think with

i hope you find a way out of it :)

Comment by Jane Wilson on November 1, 2016 at 2:35pm

Sorry for the poor spelling, I just spent 6 days moving, my brain is fried.  I hope any readers can still make sense of it.

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