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Confession and my favorite DD character.

When I came to this site I did not think I had DD. But after explaining to some people on here how much I think about going on adventures and about my characters others have said that I do not only think about them, I am actually DDing. So I actually do have something like MD but not QUITE MD. But anyways on to the next thing.

And so I am taking the plunge and the insults and criticisms as I tell you about my character. I am going to start at the beginning ^.^ That way no one judges… Continue

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What do you usually DD about?

What is the DD usually about? A fantasy or is it crossing over into what you actually see.

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Just a note about life.

Why is it that I feel like I am living just to satisfy others. The actions I do satisfy others more then it does for me.


Why is it that when I think about the future I only know how others will feel about my future, and not how I feel about it.


Why must I satisfy others more then myself. If I could I would just stay in my room and still think about how others are thinking about me.


 Sometimes I wish Cystal would come along and sweep me away and…


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I watched a movie last night that I had a theory that the characters had MD. I had not seen the movie in YEARS so I decided to rewatch it to see if I was right. And I was right XD. This movie was made by Disney and was originally a book in the first place. Some schools even have their kids read this book as an assignment.

The movie I am talking about is 'The Bridge to Teribithia. It is about a kid who lives in a world that is wanting him to limit his imagination and stop 'living in… Continue

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I just do not know anymore.

Right now I feel like I just want to curl up in my bed and be forgotten. To much is expected of me. To much is expected of what I do. 

Why do I have to goto to college? To get a better job? Why would I want one? To get a better lifestyle? Why should I want that? Why do I have to goto college just to have a better lifestyle?

I just do not understand why I have to be so mainstream. I do not want to fight to be non-mainstream. I just want to curl up in someones…


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I am scared.

I feel scared. I do not know why I feel this way. But I do.

I feel this way sometimes and I have no clue why. Why do I feel this way? Why must I feel this way? Is there even a reason I should feel this way?

Everyone tells me that I am just being stupid and paranoid, but I do not listen to them after that. There has to be a reason. I do not want to just let something happen because I did not care.

It is a very short post. and it sucks. But that is how I feel… Continue

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I have been thinking about 'Social Reputation'

For quite a while now I have been saddened about how society labels you with a social reputation, and it sticks to you forever.  When this reputation sticks it basically prevents you from changing your personality. 

For a while now I have wanted to change mine from being energetic and outgoing to something else. Because unlike when I first started going to school I a sometimes scared to meet or talk to people from time to time. But with my social reputation, I feel that I have…


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Do not want to do anything...

Right now at this moment I am going through one of the worst things to ever strike me... EVER. 

It is like I want to do something besides what I am doing right now and just go do something else. But then I think about doing that and then I suddenly do not want to do it anymore...  I hate this feeling, I get it every so often and it just sucks. 

Like right now I suddenly WANT to go play god of war II. But then I think of doing it... And then I instantly do not…


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I hate people...

Today I was just walking to class, and a girl stopped me. She took the time out of her day to tell me one thing. And this thing ruined my day.

She told me with many, many curse words in it (that I am not going to put on here as I do not know if I am allowed to). But basically she said: EVERYONE hates me, I will never do anything worthwhile in my life, no one will love me, no one even COULD like an ugly human being like me, that I am stupid (I just act stupid alot but that is…


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Dealing with whatever you have.

I am just curious... 

Has anyone been caught while they were dealing with their problems? For me I just sit there (or lay down) and just process what I am thinking before I continue on. But for any others out there, how do you deal with whatever you have and have you ever been caught?

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I have a problem with ADHD

I do not quite have the same problems as people on here but my good friend Lizzie got me on here. I may not have MD but I have ADHD. I may not have the same problems, but they are still bad nonetheless. So I thought I would start off with what it is like for me.

If you have ever talked with a person with ADHD before, you know how bad it is for them to stay on one subject. With me it is not much different. I drift from topic to topic, quickly changing from games to music. From music to…


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