Why is it that I feel like I am living just to satisfy others. The actions I do satisfy others more then it does for me.


Why is it that when I think about the future I only know how others will feel about my future, and not how I feel about it.


Why must I satisfy others more then myself. If I could I would just stay in my room and still think about how others are thinking about me.


 Sometimes I wish Cystal would come along and sweep me away and have me look at the world the way she does.



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Comment by Jenna on May 1, 2012 at 5:59pm
:/ I understand and I even God put me on Earth to do just that too. If I prayer myself, he ALWAYS makes it worst but if I pray for others, usually he helps them and I basically get stuck with nothing but a broken heart only held by the happiness I get fork helping others and my one best friend who is the closest thing to me of a blessing.

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