Confession and my favorite DD character.

When I came to this site I did not think I had DD. But after explaining to some people on here how much I think about going on adventures and about my characters others have said that I do not only think about them, I am actually DDing. So I actually do have something like MD but not QUITE MD. But anyways on to the next thing.

And so I am taking the plunge and the insults and criticisms as I tell you about my character. I am going to start at the beginning ^.^ That way no one judges on what she is really. And I apologize if the way I explain things sounds stupid.

First off the one thing that you should know is that she is something like a shapeshifter. She can change her body into anything and can have anything grow off of her. That and her body is like a manaquin, because she has control over her body she has only shaped herself to look like a young girl.

When Cystal was born her mom was devastated when her baby came out all deformed without arms or legs, and was simply a mass of flesh which a gurgling sound came from. She interpretted this large mass as her baby, and she was right. It was in fact her very own baby who had no control over what she could do. When the birth certificate was made her intended name was misspelled and was missing an 'r'. But over the course of a year the body of the what was presumed a girl coalesced into a healthy young girl. After another year that the doctors presumed to test on her because of the very strange characteristics that she was born with, but since she showed no more of said characteristics she was released to go home. Once home her mother was always in a state of uncontrollable depression. Whenever she looked at her child she saw thaat mass of flesh that cam out of her. After the girl reached age 8 she realized what she was doing to her parents and ran away with nothing but a backpack full of clothing and one blanket. After her first run-in on the street she had lost said backpack. So now she had to fend for herself with no protection from the elements. But even though she did not realize it but her powers had resurfaced and always kept her body at a proper temperature that would ensure that she would not be uncomfortable.

After a couple monthes of this she realized what her body was able to do after being attacked by some gang, she had an actual power that she could use to her benefit. So she began to experiment anywhere and in anyway that she could. It started out with lengthening her hair, changing the color of it, and changing the color of her skin. At some point she was taken in for a while by a women's family, they were a nice and understanding family even though she had this unusual ability. After a while she learned how to lengthen her nails and shape them to how she pleased. One day she was alone with the women as the rest of them were out on a job or an errand. They were both listening to music at the time that Cystal was experimenting with her powers, when suddenly she had grown these intricate horns by accident and did not notice this. At the time the women did not see this and had fallen asleep because of the music playing. But when the rest of the family came home... In the end she was chased out and called a demon. This one event in her life would haunt her for the rest of her life. She was at the ripe age of 9 at the time, only a year after she had ran away.

Over the next couple of years she had learned how to blend in and reshape her whole body. But also she was ran out of most of the places she went to, cities, towns, villages, and even the occasional forest. All because of the rumors that circulated around her. She will not tell me exactly how it happened but she was attacked and nearly raped. Her clothes had blocked her from defending herself and the 'mean' people had tortured her and tried to 'purify' her after they found out that they could not rape her. IT consisted of many beatings and cuts that were put upon nearly her whole body.

After that incident she ran away from society and took refuge in the tundra and deep forests. When she eventually came outa decade later she was still in the form of a little girl and had nearly COMPLETE control over her powers. She returned to society and tried her best to alleviate the rumors around her, but humans are a stubborn lot and she was most of the time ran out of the places she went to.

Now this is all I can remember her telling me because I was told thi story over a period of time and some of it is probably rubbish as I am trying to piece it together. But it is a VERY confusing tale of how she became my DD character but in essence she is a tragic character that sometimes I wish was real because she would be an AMAZING person.

If you want to know more then just simply message me. I put this in when I posted the blog... But it never cam up :(

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Comment by Will Paine on May 10, 2012 at 5:24pm

I find it almost impossible to have characters that are just simply human. They need to have something else that makes them unique then the rest. That is just the way I naturally think

Comment by Dusty on May 10, 2012 at 5:20pm

Whoa, I found that really interesting!! You have quite the imagination, all my characters are just humans that I created to my liking x3

Comment by Will Paine on May 9, 2012 at 8:51am
Thank you Bethan and Otaku. I actually take pride in knowing her. She is my favorite because of her attitude and how she persevered through it all.
Comment by Beef on May 9, 2012 at 3:51am

Wow, that's awesome.... I have a character called Crystal and she's nowhere near as interesting as yours!

Comment by otakugirl on May 8, 2012 at 6:10pm

Wow you have a very creative mind I really like it! I would like to hear the rest someday! I could see this made into an amazing manga

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