What are your current main plots in daydream land?

I have a few recurring daydreams at the moment:


My alter ego and her wife find a lost kid, and take her in and try and find her parents. Her parents are usually either very neglectful and did not realise she was even gone, or are strange, restrictive and mean. She is in her early teens, and often finds it fun to be in our house. When her family is strange and restrictive, she enjoys doing stuff she cant do before. Usually we convince her parents to start being nicer to her.


My alter ego is planning to move house soon, so I have a lot of daydreams planning that out. Thinking of how to decorate, imagining things like helping our kids pack up their stuff, having her family help her decorate the new house, planning where to put things.


Another one is that in a few months my character will end up having her 17th child, a total surprise out of the blue, and having to quickly dig out the baby stuff from her 16th kid (who will be about 2 when he is born), and prepare for a surprise new baby to come.

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I'm an idealized version of myself, a researcher who achieved godhood through technology. Then something went wrong and I started aging at like 10-20 times the normal speed, and I ended up dying of age but since I had become a god I stayed as a ghost because I didn't need a body to survive anymore.

However, I'm trapped in a glowing stone monument atop a floating mountain, nobody - even people that were really close to me - remembers me or anything about me, but I've seen a projection of the future that shows my former girlfriend as she makes the trip all the way to the monument, trying to find out the meaning of a necklace she knows nothing about, but found on her person (I had given her that necklace before the accident, and it's actually a piece of the tool I used to become a god, and with that fragment I was hoping to cure her heart disease so that she wouldn't die so soon). She would then recover all her memory after inserting the fragment into a crevice carved in the monument and releasing me.

It's almost the same every time I daydream about it, and the moment she releases me from the monument the dream is cut off abruptly and I'm back to reality with a deep sensation of inner void

Worst thing is, all of this is a hyper-exaggeration of things that happened to me in real life

TL;DR: I failed horribly at something important, I can't get over it so I dream about myself as the ghost of a tech freak who became a god and is trapped inside a rock.

I write novels, but I've always failed to write an autobiography as we're talking the same persona's total life experience over 19 years (9 of which actually happened in real time, my daydreams are all in real time except some details of my childhood are made up). I'd have to do a lot of paraphrasing to even keep up with the pace at which it's happening in the present lol, and I feel like that wouldn't be fair with how much detail there is. 

Mine are so much more mundane than your guys', ever since I entered my late teens, lol. >.< Umm, Rith's recently started working with some cool people I've been a fan of for a long time, getting to know them, making friends, and having a blast. The guy I'm closest to of the group, though, I've found myself falling totally in love with and we've had a platonic thing going on for a couple of months that's only recently started heating up. But I'm getting married on January 9th to my girlfriend of 4 years in actual time, started dating in 2011, met and became friends in 2009. So yeah, I've spent six real years being very close to her and I'm freaking out cause I don't want to hurt her. I've got 22 days to work things through. Thinking about postponing the wedding to take some time to work things through, as it's way too soon to have enough time to sort out my feelings.

I've also got a girl who I'm about to try out. She's a year below us, freshman in college. I've had a lot of people come and go, as Rith has gotten to the age when my friends that are 1-2 years older have left college and we've lost touch. I'm down to two friends and no one has really come into the picture in awhile. I'm a bit saddened by that so I'm trying to figure out if they'll be struck from the record. But yeah, Brian's my oldest current friend and my age, so he'll be able to stay as long as he and/or I wish him to. Same as Allison, who has always gone to school with me but we were only acquaintances. She joined the group about a year ago and became my new roommate, replacing my best friend ever, yet we've grown really close. Juno is the new girl and she's pretty cool; I can see the friendship blossoming but I'm excited to see if she ends up a proper part of the group. She hopefully will balance us, having lost our two feminine girls and only have two tomboys and a guy. She's also been recruited to the project we do in our spare time, and I'm about to try her out with us and hopefully our audience takes a liking to her quickly.

My current daydreams are more exploring the rest of the cast. Usually it is just from my main's point of view, but this time I have explored things that I didn't know about the rest of the cast. I imagined myself interviewing them about their lives, and interviewing the parents and siblings of the main bad guy.

Jason was raised by a single narcissist mother, he was the golden child, who she saw as an extension of herself and told him that he was the greatest person ever and how proud she was of him, while neglecting his sisters. Now I can see why he moved far away from his mother once he grew up and started to drift away from her beliefs-she was controlling him and he lived in constant fear that she will find out and he will become just as unloved as his sisters. He also feels inadequate because his mother told him he was a genius who could rule the world one day, but now he is working and socialising with regular people (he was raised in a cult) he realises that he is not a genius and isn't even that smart, and he struggles to socialise with others and act nice because he has never had good role models for that and has been raised to see himself as better than everyone else. His father is in the picture, and had him on weekends, and he was horribly abusive (he is to the rest of his kids, my main character adopted some of them) and denied he was his child, even to his other children. He has a lot of anxiety over the occasional times he has seen his father, and worries about them meeting again or him hurting his children. He also feels bad about how he treated his kids when they were little, before he worked out his issues and learned how to parent them properly, as he was forced into an arranged marriage when he was quite young and is 26 with 7 kids, and still feels overwhelmed with that and regrets that he never will get the chance to go to college and do his dream job because he has to work long hours to support his family, including a daughter with severe special needs and a baby born prematurely.

Anna was depressed since she was a child-her stepdad always treated her differently because she wasn't his kid, and her mother saw her as the shameful evidence of her having sex before marriage. She is very shy though, and doesn't really open up much about her feelings, she generally lets her brother and sister speak instead.

Jane is the other sibling of my main character's adopted kids. They are both from the same marriage-Jason is also her cousin, as they have the same dad but their moms are sisters, and Anna is from the other two's dad cheating on one of their moms. Her mom then stole Jason's mom's second husband. The family aren't all terrible people, in fact, most of them are quite nice except for this lot who were members of a cult. Jane has six kids-five of them are with her own father, her mother is a manipulative sociopath who hatched a plan to give her fertility drugs and then have her father get her pregnant, so she could raise the resulting multiples as her own. She was rescued from the compound when pregnant, and had to adjust to a confusing world with the help of a neighbour of theirs who was the one who made the call to report them, Now she has learned about real life, she still worries a lot about the future, as she is terrified of becoming like her parents. She also speaks about her first pregnancy-she had no idea what was going on, being naïve and sheltered, and thought she was dying, and her struggles to connect with the real world and learn how to be a parent, as well as how she had to leave her youngest siblings, who she raised behind, because when her parents went on a run from the law after they were found out to be child abusers, the two next in age siblings plotted to run away and she convinced them to take the littlest kids with them. She couldn't join them because she wasn't in good health and felt she would slow them down. She expected to never see them again, but they were found and then they ended up being adopted by their cousin (my main character).

Then from talking to the other siblings and parents of Sally and Lisa (Sally is Jane and my main character's kids mother, Lisa is Jason's mother) as well as James, the father, I went more into what made them join the cult in the first place, and what they were like as children, and how they came to become such awful people. Sally and Lisa are the masterminds behind it-they were born psychopaths and terrorized their other siblings. They alternated between being inseparable best friends to violent jealous rages-as small children one broke the other's arm by throwing her down the stairs, and the other hit her sister in the face with a brick while arguing in the garden. They literally tried to kill eachother at times, and this was when they were under the age of 10. They got in to the cult mainly because they wanted James, who is not very bright and was taken in by their promises of power, and got deeper in by competing with eachother over who is the most holy. The cult says that men are in charge, but Sally knew that going for a not very bright guy meant she could get the power she craved-even better if it was with her sister's dream guy.

I am an online writer so I basically have a lot of plots. Some of them I've already written, some of them I save for future use.

my favorite plots are a mashup of reality and fantasy

1) A woman who has been trying to lose weight was challenged by his former classmate who bullied her about her weight. Taking up the challenge seriously, she eventually succeeded and had made the bully fall for her nice personality.

They became a couple but because the guy had an unknown heart disease, he eventually dies. The girl then tries to commit suicide but is then stopped by some sort of a reaper and offered the girl to go back in time but with the exception that if she goes back, everything has to change.

**sounds pretty cliche but there's a lot to it hidden in my head**

2) It's a time lapse story again, involving a country's hero from a century to the past and a struggling model of the current time, who met in the current year and eventually falling for each other after some mishaps.

**cliche again huh. Ild like to think RomCom/fantasy is my genre**

3) A reaper falling in love to a depressed woman, who he needs to save from her suicidal tendencies..ironically haha

4) a bunch of bullies and lazy bums inside a classroom where a Deaf-Mute teacher is forcedly assigned to. 

Now there are a few more plotlines-one of my characters is pregnant, and is insistent her baby will be called Ellie Grace. I hadn't actually decided whether her baby would be a boy or a girl, was hoping to even out the numbers because she only has two boys, but has four girls, but Ellie it is then. Another is hoping that their wife would be interested in entering a poly relationship with the couple across the street, never thought of that before. I used to have a group of four people who were in relationships with eachother, a while back, but they are now fairly minor characters.

In my secondary daydream, the three previously unnamed teenage characters who communicated mainly through strange messages left around a town, mostly quotes from books and movies, and song lyrics, now have identities. They are Alyssa and Caitlyn Stevens, and their friend Finn. The two girls are sisters, and their home life is terrible-their family is completely dysfunctional because their dad drinks too much and their mom uses drugs. They have two older sisters and five younger siblings, none of these have been named yet. Their dad gets violent when he is drunk, and he is very strict, punishing the kids for every little thing and yelling at them, because he expects perfection from them and they are never good enough. He wants them to get good grades and always have a happy look on their face and act as if everything is okay, so the family secrets aren't exposed. Their mom spends most of her time too stoned to do anything around the house or look after her children, she just sits there all day doing drugs. She also has some form of mental illness, but I am not sure what, but she self medicates with drugs. They have been like this as long as the kids can remember. Their oldest sister is six years older than the second sister (who is now 19, the girls are 15 and 14), and she was running the whole household by herself from being about six or seven. She is depressed, and also very resentful of not having a childhood because she is stuck raising her siblings, she dropped out of high school to take care of the family, and still doesn't feel she can leave home because she doesn't know what will happen to the other kids when she leaves. The second sister dropped out of college when she became pregnant with the child of a guy she met twice. Now she is getting married fast before the baby is born, and her parents are so excited, and the other kids are jealous because they never get any attention, Alyssa feels that her sister is the favourite child because she was the smartest growing up and had a singing talent that they could exploit, and feels that her parents probably hate her, she is always getting yelled at over her grades, and they don't appreciate her talent at drawing. The younger siblings are generally ignored. The girls help raise them, they are very badly behaved and wild because nobody cares about them enough to teach them how to behave.

My character won the war against the Zarkons, but now that the war is over there are still problems. My main character's friend, who was basically in charge of the whole army (she's the queen so she outranks him, but she's the only one who does), was kidnapped by the Zarkons and turned into a cyborg thing. He had surgery and is back to normal again, but is still healing. Meanwhile, my main character is trying to spend time with her older brother. He was long-lost and she only found him a few months ago, but now it's going to be difficult for them to spend time together because he moved to another part of the galaxy to set up his own space empire, and my character feels like she's losing him again. My main character is also trying to avoid being with her parents as much as possible because they started acting strangely after the war ended. My character found out she was an alien shortly after the empire was founded. Her parents had no interest in moving to another planet and so gave the throne of the new empire to her when she was 14. It was discovered that her parents were both half alien. The parents never really took the empire seriously. They rarely visited the planets and never kept up with anything that was going on there. They chose to ignore their alien half and live as humans on Earth. However, the war (part of which happened very close to Earth) made them realize that running a space empire is serious business, especially for a 15 year old. This consequently made it really sink in for the first time that their daughter was not human. They're treating her differently now because they're secretly shocked that their daughter is an alien, even though they're half alien themselves and are also starting to realize what that means.

What a fun topic! Lots of interesting daydreams. We should seriously be writing this stuff down.

My current daydream is set in a future earth. Our society has collapsed and the catastrophe leading to dwindled humanity to a small number. I'm having a lot of fun building up this world and this concept of what would happen if this event occurred.

I'm playing out a history of one region of this new world (set in modern day Mexico), and I've worked up to 500 years after the fall of civilization.It's really all about how groups grew into cultures, their beliefs, the wars they fight, how it leads to the next step in civilization, a city-state called Gedalia. The daydream I'm focused on now is a type of rebellion, where my character becomes the unsuspecting heir to a broken throne, and once she takes control it will bring about a renaissance period that will reignite civilization in this area. There's a bunch of drama. I'm a bit stuck on where I should go next, though.


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