So, what have you been daydreaming about lately? i would love to have an inside look of all these creative minds surrounding me! If you wouldnt like to share, no problem I understand.

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I think it might be good to write this down, because I never talk about my daydreams. I'm writing this literally after finishing one, and it made me really distressed. Not the topic, just the experience. I work myself up too much, listening to music and dancing around my room, and if something shakes me into reality (like my iPod falling out of my pocket and onto the floor) it really messes me up. Anyway, my most recent daydream has been about my friends and I walking along a river in my town. I see it as a music video really. There are scenes of us revisiting the homes we used to live in and sort of giving them up and then wondering where we're going. I tend to tweak my real life so it's more interesting in the daydream. Sometimes this bothers me, because it makes me feel too dramatic. But a good thing about this daydream is I come up with really awesome fashion ideas. :) I usually picture an idealized version of myself. Recently, I've been trying to turn my daydream me into the real me I guess, because she has a look and traits that I like. I think it's been beneficial. I've been more willing to try new things with my hair, makeup and clothes.
I've been daydreaming about Inception, this movie I watched and LOVED. I revise the plot and put myself (more attractive of course...) inside it, etc. It's becoming an overwhelming drain of time however...
I've been daydreaming about being an academic gypsy : ) I travel around the world and work on unbelievably innovative sustainable energy projects.  Countries hire me to help rebuild their energy infrastructure.  Even though I am very much profiting from my work I own nothing more than what I can carry.  In what little spare time I have, I come back to the US to do some train hopping with the friends I made before realizing my brilliance. : p All the while, I am in a committed, yet open, relationship with someone who understands my need for freedom and and doesn't judge me for being restless.  I feel most addicted to this daydream because I imagine being constantly inspired by the work I'm doing and the people I meet.  I'm unhindered by both material possessions and the expectations of a conventional relationship and yet it still feels safe.  The actual science escapes me (at the moment I have methane and carbon dioxide turning into butterflies), but who knows, I think I might win a Nobel Prize.
I'm currently stuck rehashing a story I created from highschool, I've spun off an epic(from my perspective) tale of Dragon Ball Z( Geek) and character fighting in epic poses and such. Ill probably run threw it pretty fast its not a very expansive or detailed universe,especially when 2 characters your playing with can destroy worlds. But the mental imagery is entertaining,( story wise id give it 2 out of 10).
There exist two universes, our universe with no life outside that on Earth, and then another universe simply teeming with life. I play myself in this daydream, and I go to that second universe. This second universe is ruled by a Galactic Empire. In this second universe, a race of evil aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy is trying to invade our galaxy, so I have to quest around the galaxy trying to find ancient artifacts to try to defeat the invaders. All this time though, the Empire is chasing me because I was framed for "assassinating" an Imperial official. Currently I'm trying to find a secret society dedicated to fighting the Empire to see if they can help me.
I mostly just daydream about impressing other people with my intelligence, beauty, and coolness (traits I lack in real life).

I've recently been having one about a fantasy world where there are two kingdoms and a large expanse of neutral forested and mountainous territory. One kingdom is ruled power hungry and trying to take over the smaller kingdom with is famous for it's magicians and great minds. They are stopped by the neutral territory because it is filled with dangerous beasts that would be considered mythological to us. A small percentage of the people can use magic, in the larger kingdom most magic users are under the service of the queen. People who can't use magic sometimes use items that have been engraved with magic.

The story follows a young man, Morio living in a village in the larger kingdom. He is very intelligent, but prone to distraction, coming to the wrong conclusions, and missing the very obvious. He is the only person in his village who feels comfortable in the forest, the rest of the village thinks of him as a freak, though they are not open about it. One day he finds a dragon and manages tames it, in order to confirm his theory that the creatures in the forest are not inherently evil.

One day a sorceress, Sidras, and her two apprentices, Lirrah and Cian come to the village, claiming to be from the queen. Morio worries that they came to arrest him for befriending an "evil" creature, and tries to leave with the dragon that he calls, Raka. Before he leaves Sidras stops him and tells him that she and her apprentices did come to find him, but they are not from the large country. Rather, they come from a city on the southern coast of the smaller country that is famous for being the location of the "Tree of the World," a large tree growing around a great white pillar. The leaves of witch great visions of past, future, and current events. Sidras saw Morio befriending the dragon and uniting people with the forest. She also saw a potential future in which Morio is used by the queen and destroys the forest, allowing the larger kingdom to take over the smaller one. So Sidras and her apprentices left to find Morio to try and ensure that future doesn't happen. She offers to teach him and take him back to her city where he could live a life of learning and relative peace. He agrees, and that is as far as I have gotten chronologically. Though I have though of several other scenes and events. I have also thought of the real power of the "Tree of Worlds" (It is the "control center" for the forests and also a supply of limitless intellect of all things, including the past, the present and all possible futures, as well as the origin of magic power.) I have also though of a back story for Lirrah and Cian. They are non-identical twins, Cian is chosen to be a holy leader for the Village of the Tree of Worlds and has the ability to use magic. Because Lirrah cannot use magic she is supposed to be Cian's protector and if he dies on her watch she is supposed to be killed along with him.

Cian is kind of a wuss and relies on his magic, Lirrah, and Sidras to protect him and take care of most of the hard work for him. But he is even tempered and generally good humored, making him a good rational voice. I can imagine a scene where the other three are freaking out over something, and he points out the obvious solution to the problem.

Lirrah is a strong fighter and has knowledge of many other things including, geography, politics, navigation, medicine, and history. Because of the constant pressure of looking out for her brother she tends to be a little neurotic and high strung. While she love her brother, she wishes her life didn't have to be devoted to protecting him and that she could be free to peruse her own interests, even though she doesn't know what those are. She also has a child-like jealousy of people who can use magic.

As far as stories go, it isn't one of my best. It's somewhat generic and I can see the influence of How to Train Your Dragon, which I recently saw for the first time (and loved.) But I feel like it has some potential and I will keep working with it.

I tend to take a little more of an objective stand point with most of the subjects of my daydreams, since I want to one day make a living off graphic novels of these stories.

My daydream is depressing. I'm still myself, but I lived in a world of child abuse for most of my life. I had a lot of medical issues. The perfect best guy friend who I dated. I feel bad daydreaming about this guy because I have a boyfriend. I'm starting to hate my MD. I can't get anything done.

Thought I would revive this thread, as it is something I wanted to post on my own.

My current scenario/fantasy has shifted from one steeped in conflict and emotional tension between my characters (most of whom are family with one another) to my main character showing off in an unusual way. He's very tall and very fit; definitely the epitome of a strong, masculine type. However, in this particular scene, he shows off for a bunch of strangers by doing a surprise pole dance for them. It's not a homoerotic or feminine dance though. He takes it and makes it masculine, incorporating some breakdancing moves and some more hip-hop elements to give it an edgier feel than your typical showgirls' type pole dance.

Kind of an odd thing. Especially since it's very hard to imagine a guy doing it and not making it look gay (I don't mean that in a negative way; just that when I think of a male doing erotic dances, it seems like it'd be more appealing to gay men). What's weirder is that I try to actually pantomime it or act it out, but without a pole, it's incredibly hard (and I'm sure hilarious-looking).

It's actually encouraged me to take a pole dancing fitness class! So I think in some ways, daydreams can be positive. If they push you to do new things and meet people. :)

   Meh. The usual. My pet human daydreams never bore me, though. Going through a zoo phase, but I often find Holli bonding with her owners more and more now, leaving her parents to go live with her alien... that sort of stuff. (Annnnnndddddd my first comment on another persons blog! Yay!)

I have four main characters: Blaise, Roger, Erin, and Q. Erin and Q are Bl

In my daydream(s) I'm me but a better version. Better looking, more intelligent, more talents. It's usually a love story between me and a male character I created (the world's perfect man). But I add drama, conflict, protagonists, new characters. When I get bored I change the stories (which happens a lot). It's a pretty shallow daydream. But it's what I want in my real life and I can't have it so I daydream it.


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