So this just happened... My dreams are usually romantic with lots of sexy time and I just cought myself feeling all mushy and grabed my mirror to check what I looked like for funsies. My face was red and I had this stupid dreamy expression. It kinda made me laugh and I'm now planning to film my face while dreaming. Did anybody else ever did that?

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I often catch myself making facial expressions while daydreaming.  At home, I don't mind, but it's embarrassing when I catch myself in public.  I've also been known to have other physical reactions like goose bumps or mouth watering.  

Ive tried to film myself but I cant , I get too consciouss to MD ,its like someone's looking.

Have you succeeded

I've recorded myself daydreaming! I just minimized the webcam program so I couldn't see myself. It was still hard though because I felt super self-conscious. Also, without the ability to pace and just having to sit there and focus with no cues or stimuli, like music, it was incredibly difficult. I have to admit--watching it was extremely disappointing. It's not the same as when I imagine it, not even close. You imagine it like a movie, all dramatic, with scene cuts, and the suspense of the dialogue--nah, it's not like that. I think if I had edited it a little with some jump cuts, or filmed each person's lines separately, instead of just going back and forth out loud like I actually do, then it would have had a better "effect". but I think with practice, I could get a pretty interesting glimpse into what I look like and how it sounds after the fact. Just for fun. Also, if I could film myself while pacing or while listening to music (that didn't come into the video), that would help!

I get this too. I shake my hands, grind my jaw(and pretend to yawn or stretch if anyone catches me!)

Wow. You're brave. I have never admitted to having sexy daydreams. I'm still not admitting it! LOL! :-P

But yes I experience this but usually with more sad DD's. I cry a lot. I think maybe because I am mostly sad all of the time.

i've spent some serious time having sexy daydreams as well. This would make me get sexually aroused basically 24/7. My body really responded to the dreams which sucked because i'd get like that in the most inappropriate times until I decided I should quit the sexy thoughts. 

I smile and laugh and If I listen to music I pretend I'm singing of start manically laughing, It's weird, I strain my facial muscles making expressions too. Weird
Fortunately, my daydreams are usually "clean". However, they can get a bit violent, a lot of them inv
olve (sorry, I keep accidentally posting stuff before I'm done typing) wars for some reason. I often catch myself gritting my teeth when I'm in pain in my daydreams. Sometimes my daydreams make me really emotional so I start grinning, laughing, glaring, or fighting back tears in real life. Sometimes I also talk out loud during my daydreams, but I try not to.


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