Hi, I'm new here! I wrote a big text about myself in the forum, sorry everyone, I already deleted it!

So, what I want to know:

1 - What do you think about small talk? For example, I rarely can talk about shopping, the weather or something that people talk for no reason without dream awake, because I feel bored. Normally I  just can do this if I'm excited or satisfied with my day.

2 - And after deep talks I ALWAYS need a break to rearrange my ideas. Do you feel lost without doing it? I don't know for me because I never had not done this.

3 - Besides, when I have to talk with people that I don't trust,  my mind goes so so far... I feel like I need to consult my "truly personaty" to be able to defend myself, but then it's difficult to speak normally.

4 - I get offended if someone say that I live in moon (that's a brasilian expression, I don't know if it's right in english) because they don't know how bad it's it. Now that I found "Wild Minds" I'm feeling very cool! How MD affects your self esteem?

5 - How about your relationship with alcoholics drinks (and oder drugs)? I love it because it's a free passport to be what I am, but I don't need it for me, it's just to be approve: "Ok, she is drunk".

6 - Does someone with MD don't have anxiety issues?

7 - I didn't found a group for young people, someone want to create it? (I'm 19 yo).

XO, Tó.

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Hello To :)

1. Small talk is my forte. 

4. I get very embrassad when someone catches me lost in my dreamworld. I try hard to stay in the present when I'm around people. I don't think I'm very successful at that though. LOL

5. Why can't you be who you are without alcohol? People are going to judge you either ways. personally, I did get tipsy but there was no change in my  mental state when I was drunk. It was different with Weed though. I got really high and also kind of had a good time. 

6. Possibly. I'm pretty sure I'm anxious.

7. let me know if you end up creating one. ;)


Hey there.

1. I've only recently started handling small talk but I'm not too good at it.

2. I do need a break after a deep talk. It's like my brain has overheated.

3. I don't understand what you mean entirely. But yeah, I do feel afraid that I'm too naive often.

4. I feel bad that my life isn't as good as MD.

5. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. Never have, never will, since my health is already in shambles due to not eating right XD.

6. I do have anxiety issues as an MDer, because my mind tends to go into overdrive over the smallest of things.

7. I wouldn't know about that, I'm 22 now.

Hi, thanks for the answer!

I edited number 3, it was really difficult to understand. But it's it, to seems too naive (trying not to be lol)

Now, 3 - I know when someone is an untrustworthy person, I don't talk with the same intensity anymore, and most of the time, they don't really care and just move away.

I would like to answer topic number 1.

I have always been pretty bad in small talks. Now that I'm well grown up I can manage it properly enough, but it isn't my thing.

On the other hand, I can talk a lot and passionately even with strangers if I'm really talking, I mean if the conversation goes a bit deeper (not necessary to a philosophical level).

So, in the past I thought I wasn't good at social skills, now I understand the problem was just the small talk.


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