Maladaptive Daydreaming Making Me Appriciate What I Have Got

I once had a crush on a guy who was my brother's friend. I never even have the courage to say ," Hello" to him as I was so shy. I fancied him from a far for about 3 years. Something happened and my brother and him stopped being friends ( I don't know why ) and we all just lived our lives separately. Still I watched him from afar, I thought he was so beautiful and although I didn't know him. In my day dreams I had completed this beautiful gentleman who was kind, nice to animals and pleasant to be around. He got a girlfriend and I was annoyed with myself for not saying anything to him sooner but I thought ,"Whatever, I can live with it." Then one day irritated that I was staring ( I actually thought I was being discreet) he waited for me outside my house. My Uncle had just dropped me off home and when I saw him I couldn't even look him in the eyes. . There he was standing with all of his "new friends" he approached me and said very calmly without any menace, "I prefer dating white girls. I don't date N ***ers." I felt like my heart had broken. I had allowed my fictional version of him to become real enough to me that I never stopped to consider that, he could be the complete opposite. I would leave the house and he would intentionally block my way so that I could watch them embrace and French kiss.

Second time, a semi fictional character of mine had ended up beening the exact opposite.

When I met my boyfriend I didn't think it would last but it has and he is amazing. On top of that, he knows of my Maladaptive daydreaming and he's ok with it. I have an amazing job have some amazing people in my life and I have found this AMAZING site, filled with amazing people like myself. Although I do day dream about having super powers and being that popular girl from high school, my experience has allowed me to focus more inwardly and realize how lucky I am. Thank you all for reading. X

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Wow! Thanks to your post, now I realize why I would get so attached to guys I didn't really know and get so disappointed when I really get to know them. I did what you did, I would create an ideal version of the guy I like and that would make me fall for him even more. I would create this date we went on hoping it happens in real life, to get heartbroken in the end. So I think in reality, I never really liked a guy in my life, just the guys in my head. I'm glad things are better for you and I pray to God he blessed me with a man who will not see or treat me different cause of my MD. God bless!
That guy was kinda rude though. He could've just said he's not interested. But glad you are now able to appreciate real life.


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