I'm a Christian and have been secretly daydreaming this way for twenty two years. I'm currently publishing a book on mental health regarding Maladaptive daydreaming, schizophrenia and psychosis. It's called The traps that Satan Lays (coming out sometime in 2017)- I believe and strongly imply that Maladaptive daydreaming disorder is from Satan! It came to me as a child, something entered into me giving me this ability straight away, before this I never daydreamed this way. I want everyone to think really hard about these questions. Do you control the environment around you - I mean the actual scenes where do they come from ? You can't imagine just how detailed the dream world is when you dream - How did you come up with such scenes to begin with? When I came back to Christ Jesus, I stopped daydreaming willingly without ever going back into the dream world again. I however can still enter this world If I choose too, but I decided to lock it out and not to enter into it any longer because as a Christian to use your imagination in such this way is a great sin. I use to have a main character who I use to control in such a way and play out a story line. All my scenes were Satanic in nature and it was very addictive, this is why I wanted to dream this way. I enjoyed it! However, it was even easier to leave this world behind because the love of God was stronger for me. Satan however has spoken to me and said this "You were with me for twenty two years, why do you hate me this much?" He spoke these words informing me because as soon as I choose not to daydream any longer, he attacked me with demons and gave me psychosis and schizophrenia. I strongly ask all Christians daydreaming this way to consider what you are doing and to open your eyes to the truth - Satan is the one who gave you the ability to dream this way and he wants you stuck in this make believe world to trap you and keep you from being Saved!      

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Isn't Satan related to the material world? So why should he drag you away from sensual experiences and pleasures from the outer world and make you sitting at home dreaming? Shouldn't he force you to go out stuffing your stomach with tasty food, drink, play and have sex? Which is actually what a lot of MDDers don't do because they feel uncomfortable in public.

In my opinion a lot of MDDers struggle enough with themselves, their low self esteem and feeling guilty for a lot of things they aren't guilty for. Not necessary to add another one.

But if it helped you to stop DDing it was the right path for you. Faith can be a strong force.

Just why - why - are you so strongly insisting that external forces hooked into your brain and filled it with daydreams? That stuff comes from inside your mind, it's a rearrangement of things you already know. You're denying responsibility for acts of imagination that you did yourself, for one reason or the other, but they always came from you; instead you blame it all on someone who doesn't even exist. Same for your psychosis and schizophrenia.
And as BlackUnicorn said, nobody needs these scare tactics as an extra to their own problems.

Well, I'm catholic and there's an italian exorcist (padre amorth) whose book I've read, the devil has many ways to do what he does, but if you pray and stay away from esoteric arts you keep the window of your soul close so he can't touch you. Be humble and be charitable, humility is the mother of all virtues, pray that God will give you the gift of humility and that he'll bless you and fill you with the Holy Spirit.

Everyone of us has a cross to bear, but remember:

-God never gives you a cross that you can't bear

-Pray, he'll listen, he has a project for any of us, have faith in him and pray that he'll help you through this

In Naples they say "fatti coraggio che la vita è un passaggio" which means "be brave because life is a transition"

This is what I say to you.

There's a saint, Padre Pio, who said "never put limits to God's mercy", so pray with genuine faith, meditate the rosary misteries.

Most importantly, be a good person, love whose around you, help who needs help, forgive everyone, yourself as well.

You just swapped one delusion with another... At least with MDD you could tell it was fake. Take responsibility, your thoughts are your own. Granted you cant always choose which pop up but you can choose which ones you assign importance too, and which ones to cultivate a daydream with. I loathe it when people blame mental illnesses on demons or spirits, in spite of well SCIENCE. Excess/lack of dopamine naaah demons did it. Ready the torches and get the holy water. I dont mean to be rude to your faith... Wellll okay a little but, seriously who's going to hell over daydreams?

The problem is just that it's mostly useless to tell someone with schizophrenia that this person is the only one controlling the thoughts and that there're no demons manipulating or talking to you.

So it could also be a sign that the schizophrenia isn't under control but I'm not a therapist I've no idea about such things...

With a wink: Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between mentally ill and (religious) fanatic people...

wow.. I'm also catholic, but seriously wow!! way to shame people who have mental illness they didn't sign up for in the first place! especially someone who has schizophrenia and has zero control over their thoughts! please explain how can God hold you accountable for something that's not under your control anyways?! And given that the majority of patients with MDD including myself are that way because it's how our brain processes stress and childhood traumas, which makes it a dissociative disorder (again we didn't sign up for this), we already walk around carrying a lot of anxiety and toxic shame! so the last thing we need is someone writing a book telling us how having a mental illness not only sucks, but also makes us evil and that we're going to hell for it! I hope you were never able to publish that book.. there's enough ignorant material out there as it is!

It's a good thing that it helped you. Have some sense and believe in practical things.

People, this crazy post is from more than a year ago. You're not helping if you keep pushing it to the top. It was buried in the forum and it should stay that way.


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