a digital influencer from my country killed himself today. He was transsexual and he was very shouted out on the internet these days and now he is gone, I am so scared and sad about this, because life is so depressing and so full of losses and I understand who wants to give up but at the same time I would like to hug the person and ask them not to do it, and I don't even know why .... some days (most days) I just want to give up. it is like the only possible option. At the same time I want to hug each of you here and just take away all the pain. I don't know where this comes from, this desire for hope that doesn't exist, for a future that doesn't exist, for better days that will probably never come.What do you think about giving up?

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I know it doesn't work. Just like student loans in the US, declaring bankruptcy won't get you out of it.
And the hunger? The fear? Those forces don't care about the future, it's something you have to handle, if for no other reason then because nothing else will.

Hope has its uses, but it can also be a form of slavery. Much like the past is nothing but a recollection, the future is speculation without substance. The only part you can influence, for better or worse, is the here and now.

Time is clay and we are the craftsmen, whether we like it or not. You can work to shape the lump or just sit and watch it dry, but eventually it hardens all the same.

This is a very thoughtful answer. "Time is clay and we are the craftsmen" is a beautiful metaphor.

So, giving up.
No, definitely I'm against it, I don't understand it: it's our life, there are so many ways of living it, even if sometimes we have the impression there's no way out: and it's exactly because they have made us think that the only right way was the one that went wrong. It's not true. 

Accepting, that is fine.

Sometimes, accepting and giving up are so similar you can't tell the difference.

You see it in the long term. Accepting things you can't change imply a change in you, you grow in a different shape, like a tree that grows around an obstacle, giving up... you just stop growing and evolving.

Concordo com você, amei a resposta.


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