Day 1 - I've been Maladaptive Daydreaming for over four years now, and I know that it's time to stop. I've recently been able to improve my life, but am facing some obstacles right now and want to clear my mind and focus on improvement. Today I spent a huge amount of time in depression and daydreaming, trying to escape my current circumstances and overlooking all the blessings in my life. I truly believe that all our lives have so much value, value beyond our imagination, and that we should try our hardest to recognize that value. So right now, I will take small steps, starting off by forgiving myself for all the mistakes I have made, and calmly take on whatever I need to do.

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Day 42 - I really want to change my life. I want to learn, experience, and do things. I want to live in reality.
Day 49 - Recently I've been journaling less frequently here, and want to make it a habit to get back on track. Ever since I started journaling a few weeks ago, I did notice some visible reductions in the frequency of my daydreams. However, I did notice a slight increase during the last week and a half. I'll keep a steady watch and focus on the MD-free life I wish to live.

Day 0 - It's been a while since I've last written here. I'm taking a challenge upon myself to change aspects of my life over these next 90 days, and I want to become more conscious and aware of my MD. Whenever MD pops up, I am going to try my best to plant my feet flat on the floor, as I've found that often helps ground me in the present, and gives me space to figure out what I want to do.

Day 2 - I have definitely become more conscious of my daydreams over the past two days, and am happy by the gradual progress that I am beginning to make. I will continue the foot-mindfulness technique, and see where things go.

Day 5 - It's been difficult to catch and control the daydreams, but I'm making progress. Instead of getting disappointed that daydreams are popping up in my mind so often, I've started to view each daydream as an opportunity to become more mindful of my though patterns. Each time I recognize and catch a daydream, and then consciously redirect my thoughts to something else (such as the present), I'm slowly building new neural pathways in my brain, and gradually rewiring my brain to practice new habits.

Day 6 - Today my MD was definitely higher than it was yesterday, but nevertheless I was still able to catch myself during many moments and consciously redirect my thought patterns. In addition to focusing on grounding my feet, I will now also begin to become conscious of my facial movements during MD. Today, while in the midst of an MD, I noticed myself mouthing something out, and then briefly stepped back from the situation, and changed my facial expression. Doing so helped control the intensity of my daydream and helped bring me back into the present.

Day 8 - My MD was moderately high today, but definitely I have noticed some moments of control (I am more able to transition my mind away from an MD). I will continue with the feet and mouth monitoring.

Day 9 - I had moderate MD on and off throughout the day. I was able to control my MD during a post-workout shower today, which is something that historically I have rarely been able to pull off. One technique that has been helping me is just reminding myself that no matter how crazy and wild my MD's get, there is always a calm, quiet space at the back of my mind. Even if during the moment is seems impossible to feel a sense of calm and peace, I remind myself that that peace will always be there with me.

Day 16 - Today and over the past several days, I've noticed that while I still have many daydreams each day, I'm able to become more aware of them, and to a certain extent, the frequency of my daydreams and my urge to want to daydream has been beginning to decrease.

Today, I struggled with a couple of moments when I started to get really absorbed in MD. I let those sessions go on for a while, but then allowed myself to become aware of my outside situation, ground myself in the present, and address any minor stressors that may be bothering me in real life.

I often do daydream while showering, so starting today I have challenged myself to take cold showers every day, and we'll see how that works out!

Day 18 - Today was a productive and rewarding day. Cold showers have definitely been helping, and while my MD significantly peaked during the evening hours, I was able to eventually step back and become mindful of them.

Day 24 - The last few days, and especially today, were filled with particularly strong MD's. While I have been able to catch myself here and there, I'm definitely going to have to make some changes. I think a lack of sleep over these past several days has really worsened my MD, and this week I'm going to do my best to get more rest.

Day 28 - My MD has been fairly strong over the last few days, and I've been trying to cut down on music as much as possible. While it's difficult for me to do so (as for me, listening to music + MDing often feels addictive), I'm constantly reminding myself that I can find joy and fulfillment in being present, even if it seems a long ways off currently.


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