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Journey to a Life Free of Maladaptive Daydreaming

Day 1 - I've been Maladaptive Daydreaming for over four years now, and I know that it's time to stop. I've recently been able to improve my life, but am facing some obstacles right now and want to clear my mind and focus on improvement. Today I spent a huge amount of time in depression and daydreaming, trying to escape my current circumstances and overlooking all the blessings in my life. I truly believe that all our lives have so much value, value beyond our imagination, and that we should try our hardest to recognize that value. So right now, I will take small steps, starting off by forgiving myself for all the mistakes I have made, and calmly take on whatever I need to do.

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That's awesome! I'm in the same boat, it can be so hard to resist. 

Ulaan Gom said:

Day 3 - I just woke up and feel the tide of MD approach in my mind. However, I must push against it and give my real life my absolute best effort. That will be my main hope of making significant strides towards overcoming MD and focusing my real life on the person I want to be. There are so many decisions to make and paths I can possibly go, and now I just have to keep my eyes and mind open and be open to those paths. I think the main step I'll need to focus on is how to stop bringing in daydreams whenever I try to become motivated or do something big, and instead focus on a vision that I believe I can accomplish and go after that larger vision.

I try to not resist it, but it's actually hard. I don't have the most exciting life ever, so I feel like escaping.

If you guys could give a definition to what you are doing, would you prefer to call it interacting with daydreams or interacting with fantasies?

Interacting with fantasies. Daydreaming is when your dosing off to sleep and dazed out in another world.

Fantasizing is when your sharply awake and alert with what's going on, but you got the feeling some fictional entity is always by your side and talking to you under any circumstance. Kind of like Happy!

I often feel whenever I bicker, shout or curse it's at a fictional person, not a real life person. I can tell, because everybody real switches their heads at me or asks me who I'm talking to.

Yeah interacting with fantasies seems like the better definition. Interacting on such a deep level that you can see and actually feel everything as if it were real, yet at the same time knowing it's not real. I describe it like having a foot in both worlds.

any updates o your battle with mdd?

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