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The concept in the film Total Recall where people can implant pleasant memories and have it feel real, hits a lot closer to home for us than it does other viewers. While watching this movie, I asked myself if I was able to do that would I? The answer was yes. Why wouldn't I want false happy memories as oppose to depressing real ones? As I kept watching Total Recall, I started to realize...I already do this. With daydreaming.  We are able to do something almost exactly described in a science fiction, futuristic film. Even though the plot takes an action/adventure/mysterious turn, the concept of false memories is still incredibly relatable to all MDDers. I still feel MDD is a complete burden to my life, for a moment I thought it would be nice to decide to have false memories. But I already do. In another film such as Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind, there's an idea of erasing negative memories. Which in theory, sounds ideal for everyone. But with everything there is a price to pay. Like it or not, our painful experiences have made us who we are. For me personally, I hate who I am, With my life experiences I turned to MDD. So im wondering how do you all feel about these concepts in films? Implanting fake memories and erasing bad real ones? Could it be possible that these writers know a thing or two about people like us?

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Comment by taffle on July 1, 2013 at 8:36am
Yeah I do have painful memories which hinder me from successful social interaction. I get intense anxieties and vigilance when I'm at a relative's house, supermarket, etc. Sometimes I wish they could be erased so that I can anew like a blank slate, but some people would say that's the cowardly way out of things. I turn to DD not to replace my real memories with fake ones, but for comfort. I know I don't have associative identity disorder because I maintain a separate sense of self from my characters in my DD, but I hope I can inspiration and comfort from them.
Comment by Lisa p on June 29, 2013 at 8:52pm

Interesting...I just dvr'ed Eternal Sunshine...this week.  Haven't watched it yet however I know the premise cuz I saw it years ago.  I'm with you...MDD is a burden to me at the moment  however I have to tell you it's also been my best friend longer than I've thought it a burden.  If I could erase memories would I....at first I thought yes. However it's only when I'm in the most "immediate most hurtful part of pain from some memory, that I wish this.  I'm sorry to hear that you hate who u are. I must hate myself on some level however what  I hate more is what I haven't done with my life due to my choice to live in a MDD fantasy world vs reality.  I said "choice" but now I'm thinking MDD isn't a choice we choose to make.  What about ur thoughts..did we choose this on some level??  I think I love these writers that may know us...haha.  Wish they'd tell us the way out for good...LP

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