Here's a question: Maybe its not actually DDing that is holding us back? Maybe thats just what we tell ourselves and we believe it. For me, it still takes over my life and i have absolutley no handle on it. But latley ive been putting myself out of my comfort zone and good things are happening. I think ive been using DDing as an excuse to not make an effort with life. I realize now that i cant wait for life to happen. Because it wont. It wants you to make the first move, and then gives you something in return. I did learn a long time ago that comfort is my biggest enemy. I also use to be afraid of change, now i embrace it. I only hope that i continue to live uncomfortably, because that is what makes my world genuine. 

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Comment by Ray Sandhu on April 1, 2013 at 6:57am

Its exactly right, we grow out of discomfort, I always love to use the gym analogy for this, You have to push yourself past your limitations you have, if you want to see the results, I am really glad things are looking up, never stop loving yourself, sometimes when people go out of their comfort zone, they get hurt and are afraid,  like me for instance, In university, for 2 years I had absolutely no friends, and I was always bitter why I don't fit in, and I realized you know if I want friends, then I should stop sitting there and just go and talk to people, Im glad to say it worked, I have made acquantinces and some good friends, but the scary thing is I am always afraid of being rejected, that was my greatest fear. But that discomfort or fear of rejection, would always hold me back, so at the end of the day its better to put yourself out there afraid then do nothing, so Im proud of you :).

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