Having working for years with my DD and other psychological issues I come to the following conclusion about my DD: They are the place I hide the part of my personality I cannot use in real life.

I once learn that the strategy think what you want, say and do what other want from you was the best way to live in peace. It certainly was a clever choice once, when I was a child. But I just never learned to be myself, to say what I mean to know what I wanted.

I needed a life crisis at a age of 38 years (divorce, depression and more) to underestand I had to stop wanting for somebody to tell me what I have to do and begyn to tell the word what I can do. It was 7 years ago, bad habits are hard to change.

And then I realised that if I allways knew who I was and what I wanted... in my DD. In other word if I stop daydreaming I will lose a part of myself. So I should begyn the other end: Take back to the word the one I am in my dream.

It is not making the dream come true. But first step is to belive the feeling is true. Everything you feel in your DD is true. There is no wrong feeling they are only wrong way to act about them.

So you have to begyn to act and speak as your charactere do. That mean, if I take my favorite DD charactere: the Knight of the Unicorn, he his a warior solving his problem with a svord. Not exactely me. But, he chooses to fight for peace of justice that include that when other people do something wrong i cannot just look in another direction. And he several times choose to do something everyone would told him not to do. That is a good exempel to follow.

I thing he is the one who show me that if you do not become the one you are ment to be no-one will. And nobody will know that they are wainting for you before you can tell them who you are.

I will not save the word (he did). But I may be The-One for somebody, if only for my kids.

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Comment by Alta Morden on October 9, 2012 at 7:48am

I also found this a very useful viewpoint.  Until you put it that way, I could never have seen my DD characters as being anything I could translate into the real world, because everything there is so 'fantastic'.  But I see what you mean about the qualities, of honour, of bravery, of steadfastness, these are real-world qualities.

M. Hunter, I also find myself rather passive in real life, and tend to believe that so one is interested in anything I might say.  Though I tend to think that is because I have allowed the best of myself to be siphoned off into DD energy.

Comment by Gina Black on October 8, 2012 at 4:28pm

Best of luck from me too, Pascale :)

Also thank you, because your post showed me what's wrong with my own efforts. I thought learning how to observe reality and solve problems in it would be enough. But as long as I keep my personality overprotected, the real me will always live in that world, so I will never escape. I never realized that before!

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