It seems a crazy thing to say. But still, if you look at it on another way it is the only intelligent thing to think. Don’t misunderstand me I don’t think I am Jesus or James Bond and I will save the word. I just know I can make a difference.

I decided for some years ago that if I can’t change the world I can change myself. But if I manage to change myself, I will have changed the word. And I did, I mean, I’m still MDD, I have many issues but it’s a lifelong project, but I keep going.

In fact I already have changed the word: 7 years ago I divorced. My youngest son was 12 year old and took it very tough. I felled he had to choose part, move to my ex-husband and refused to visit me for several month. I was mad at my ex-husband, not at my son, so I choose to be patient with him. I told him I will love him anyway, and he could just come back when he was ready. He did and I never blamed him. It was not easy but I am happy I choose this strategy. Today he is my best friend and I am very proud at him. I know I did change his world.

So that’s my strategy: 1- Look at the things you don’t like. 2. Change the way you look at them. 3 Change the way you act upon them. 4. Go back to point 1 and try again.

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