Sharing a Tool to help with Focus for Work/Study

I think many of you also have trouble staying focused when you are trying to work or study.

I find that sometimes I go into a "MDD tailspin" when I have a lot of work/ or important work to do. I remember distinctly that when it came to studying I was always distracted by my MDD. I also have an underlying hyper vigilance that usually gets in the way.

I found this online site/ company called focus@will

Here are some links:

Focus@will website FAQ

focus@will company site

It is a neuroscience based company that has done extensive research on focus, they've compiled 1 hour sessions of instrumental music that has been proven to increase your attention span by 400%. (At least that's what their research says).

The music stream is designed to "engage your non-focal (background) attention, but not so much that it interferes with your conscious focal attention on the task at hand. This is music you hear but should not be actively listening to." It's supposed to trick your limbic system (fight or flight response) into focusing.

I usually get triggered into MDD when listening to music, but I've used the service (there is a free option) a couple of times now and I find that when I actively try to focus I'm a lot better at it. My mind still wonders a bit but I never go into MDD binges like the way I used to, when I work.

I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but I thought I would at least share it so people can try it out.

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Comment by Professional Daydreamer on April 15, 2014 at 9:07am

Uhhh samee and sometimes I can't even sit down to start my work, or like i would hold the book and try to study while pacing and since i'm a pacer i would start daydreaming...and spend hours daydreaming and then i realize it's 10 pm and i haven't done anything yet :s that's one of the main reasons why i failed the 8th grade and i was so close to fail last year and so close to fail this year as well :S

Comment by Faye on April 9, 2014 at 11:47pm

Yeah, I would sometimes have trouble just sitting still in once place. I'm a "pacer", I'm always pacing when I'm in intense MDD. So I usual try to do stretches sitting in a chair and 5- 10 minutes meditation, to distract myself from the urge to pace.

I read somewhere that if you condition it, enough physical activity automatically triggers a reaction in the mind. I.e trying to smile genuinely will make you think of things that trigger more positive feelings, pacing for me is automatically associated with MDD, and will make me DD.

Comment by Amanda Lewone on April 9, 2014 at 2:56pm

That sounds interesting. Will look into it. 

My main problem is starting. I mean sometimes I won't even sit at the desk to start. 

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