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Im torn between being optimistic, and being realistic. Its so lonley, that there isnt a single person in my life that knows how traped i feel from this addiction. Im also torn from taking responsibilty, and feeling guilty, for what i am, and what i have let my life become. Where is there to turn to for help? How can i conquer this addciton on my own? As soon as some parts of my life start to turn around, i find myself being pulled back into my old ways. Which is the furthest thing from living a fulfilled life.

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Comment by Jennifer on September 12, 2013 at 4:32am
I completely agree with Mr. Rafael. I just want to add that you have the ability to seek help. You can go see a therapist, (and there's nothing wrong with doing that. You don't need to be ashamed of that.) and you can group chat with anyone on this site about your experiences, and I think Ms. Cordeilla even offers us Oovoo video chat on this site. You can video chat with any other user(s) on this site, get to know them, and compare experiences and talk about your own. Us people on this site are a group. This site was created so that we could support one another and help each other out, and we should definitely take advantage of that. Don't be afraid to ask anyone to listen to you on this site. I know 99 people out of 100 that would be willing to listen and help out as much as possible. There's only one person that isn't supportive on this site, but I won't name any names.
Comment by Rafael Hernandez on September 11, 2013 at 5:25pm

well, first you are not alone. you have us in this web site, people that totally understands you and some of us feels the same way. 

second, i suffer too of mdd and at my 33 years old haven't talked to anyone about my daydreaming problems, outside this website and my therapist.

and last, mdd is a problem that some of us (like me) cant conquer on our own. we need help as any other person with any other illness. im not saying that you or anyone cant, but it can be a hard, long and painful process doing it alone, im speaking about my experience. i hope i can return many years back in my life and say to the younger me: "find help, you can overcome this, go".

i highly recomend you finding professional help and remember: its a long process, but you finally will start controlling your problems.

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