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But at least I tried... or so it goes.  Why do pedophiles get away with it?  Its way past the criminal statute for her to face charges.  And because she has purposely kept herself unemployed and has no assets, I can't even file a civil claim against her because it would waste my time and money.  She gets to live life free and without consequences for her actions.


Meanwhile on the news in a city south of where I live, a man sits in jail watching his home-made child porn due to a "loop-hole" in the law.


It feels like criminals have all the rights lately.  Victims get stepped on.


This has not been such a good week for me.  Waiting for attorneys to tell me nothing, dealing with memories, depression and anxiety have been excruciating.  I've tried to daydream, but can't even concentrate on that.  I just feel sick.

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