I felt like putting down a bit of a song, then I thought "Why not post it on WM instead of just keeping it on my computer where no one will ever see it?"

So here it is. The title means "Coming of the Conqueror".

Ko hahnu gol siiv duri
Kolos tahrovin los thuri
Het ont dir fin Vahlok
Krivahaan naal aaznu dok

Dahmaan! Dahmaan! Hadrim feyn
Dahmaan diin haalvut se dinok

Miin se Nil koraavaan pah
Vahzen tinvaak, "Hi nid rah"
Oblaan nahkriin, daar drey ni
Ahrk ful kiinaan suleyki

Dahmaan! Dahmaan! Al lost meyz
Dahmaan fin sul krah drey nin
Dahmaan! Dahmaan! Kein lost kiin
Dahmaan fod vodiil krent hin kah


Now, since it's almost completely written in Dovahzul and the last part is in Ehlnofex (hence the FULL CAPS) I'm pretty sure none of you understood a single word, so here's a translated version for reference:

In the dreamland I find my curse
Where deceit is my lord
Here once died the Guardian
Murdered by a merciless dog

Remember! Remember! Mind's bane
Remember death's freezing touch

The Eye of the Void saw it all
Truth spoke, "You are no god"
Stop revenge, this did not
And so was born my name/power

Remember! Remember! The Destroyer has come
Remember the moment when the cold did sting
Remember! Remember! War has begun
Remember when your past shattered your pride

(untranslatable, reference to a connection between memories and time)
Hidden knowledge is the Weapon
As the Secret is lost and returns
So do liberty and royalty

Note: don't take the part in Ehlnofex literally, the words themselves have multiple meanings all at the same time and the whole thing is nowhere close to being straightforward.  Putting it together was a pain.

And that's it. If you liked it, that's great, if you didn't, at least try not to throw a train in my face.

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Comment by Kali_Maa on May 5, 2016 at 6:44pm

I liked it :-)

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