Small victories can go a long way. Instead of trying to tackle all of my goals, I have started to focus on little things here and there. Slowly, I think they are starting to make a difference.

For a while now I have been interested in cake, cupcake, and cookie decorating and designing. It started when the food network challenges became popular and I was drawn in by the creations each of the chef's did with food. I love food, especially sweets. I have been watching several baking blogs for almost a year now and started daydreaming I was a baking blogger and creating all of these savory and inspiring sweets. Then I realized, instead of just running away with a daydream (per usual) why not just try to do it? It won't be overnight that I will be constructing fondant masterpieces, but I could make a cookie or cupcake here and there.

So for the past few months I've been doing just that. Starting small near Thanksgiving and Christmas making pies as I normally do, then gradually getting pans, ingredients, utensils to start branching out. Now I have a wonderful mixer and have REALLY began to let my imagination flow. It hasn't been perfect as in my daydreams but at least I have had a few treats to show for instead of in my head. I have picked up some more supplies here and there that will take it to a newer level and an experiment for Valentine's Day ;) (just u wait B) and I am excited about it!

My point is, taking small steps to doing something in your daydream can pay off in a big way and help you feel connected to the present world. I am far from my daydreaming baking and caking persona, but its less farther away than a few months ago :)

sorry for the rambling... what will be your little victory?? (wow that sounded a little cheesy.. but oh well you get the picture)

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Comment by Elizabeth on February 3, 2012 at 8:52pm

@ Wish I bet you could find something if you really think about it, maybe not ACTUALLY, but metaphorically. 

Thanks Roxanne! yeah I think we should do one... I'll have to think of one. I'm always looking for a good and different red velvet cake recipe! :) 

Comment by roxanne on February 3, 2012 at 6:20pm

Good for you, Elizabeth.  What a wonderful & creative hobby.  I remember your idea for a dinner where everyone has a local dessert to offer.  Still sounds like a great idea.

Comment by Wish Upon A Wish on February 1, 2012 at 4:02pm

That's really good for you! I don't really have anything like that in my DDs so I can't really try, I wish I could though, as it sounds like it works, and is a really good idea too, I think.

Comment by Elizabeth on January 31, 2012 at 11:17am

Thanks you guys! :)

Comment by Aine on January 30, 2012 at 7:56pm

KUDOS to you my dear, I love it. That sounds like a wonderful way to harness the DD's. I have a friend who started doing that as well, she writes a small food blog about what she bakes.  I hope you will post a few pics of your creations or even just the bowls with the batter. I'd love to see and thanks for sharing. Happy Baking!!!

Comment by Jules on January 30, 2012 at 2:37pm

Good for you! And thanks for the encouragement. Looking forward to hearing more about what you're baking. I like a bit of baking myself, but I find it hard to get motivated. It's nice to have someone to cook for. I'll have to start thinking. Thanks again!

Comment by Amber W. on January 30, 2012 at 2:37pm

Good for you for working towards your dreams/goals!  I remember reading on here that someone used their persona to work towards their goals and I've started looking at my persona as a tool of sorts also.  If this is where my interests lie, where I'm daydreaming, then why not use it as a tool.   If I'm out jogging I use my person to cheer me on and to keep me going.  She tells me that if I really want to be like her I need to push myself and it does help.  I would like to, and this would be at least a year off, do an obstacle course race.  Right now I'm working on being an actual runner instead of part walker, part jogger.

I enjoy baking too.  Practice makes perfect!  When I started decorating my kids cakes they weren't that great but slowly they are getting nicer and nicer.  Its fun also.  Betty Crocker has a cake/cookie decoration set that is around $10 and its squeeze tubes.  Really made cookie decorating much easier this year.  Enjoy your hobby!

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