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Last time I saw my crush was 3 years ago but still she is in world

I finished my college 2 years ago. She finished her class a year before. We hardly spoke . Its been 3 year but she my girl in my mind . I changed my city .Made new friends got new job.. but I couldn't replace her.. she with me everyday .. i don't have any idea where she is at present.. i have less conversation with my colleagues and room mates. Most of the time i spend my time with her. I like it very much . And i feel that is the real me......

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Comment by Fallen Messenger on December 21, 2017 at 8:33pm

I honestly think all the characters in our worlds are either based off of what we wish either we could be or what we wish others could be. I think all the characters are based on someone in our lives, even in the slightest sense, such as what we wish someone was around you. Maybe the missing qualities your mother and father lacked, that you fill in by putting them on one of your characters in your story. We definitely like, such as you admitted because it is filling this almost imperceivable void inside of us that our consciousness doesn't even notice, but our subconscious, the part of us that builds our world, notices it and works it into the fabric of these worlds. I definitely notice it in my own world, I have this character that my alter ego is in love with, Adam, and I think this is so because, firstly, because I've never met anyone I've had that spark with, and secondly because it's all the traits I like in people meshed in one person that I've fallen in love with. Then it breaks my heart because that person isn't real, it's someone I've completely made up in my head, how pathetic. But hey, not anyone can just say that they have literally created people in their heads, complete with personalities and faults and details such as that one dimple on his left cheek or whatever it may be. People from my past that have double-crossed me (sadly there is a lot of them) I work the traits I hate about them and my hate for them itself into their character and added them to my beautiful yet complex world. I feel that we all do this, and we do this because our subconscious is trying to protect us from the cruel reality around us, plus it is attaching to anything it feels it can to make us 'happy', fueling our escapism.

Comment by F J on December 16, 2017 at 3:44pm
I honestly have the same issue. I thought about people from college for years and I thought it would never fade. It did eventually but then the cycle has just begun again with new people :/

It's difficult because when I'm attached it starts to become hurtful because I kind of want real life to be like some of the dreams.

Do you have this problem?
Comment by Sakthi Srinivasan on December 16, 2017 at 6:52am
Its really hard replace persons in dreams . Its easy in real life . I am getting very attached to it.. thinking on same plot everyday which never fade .
Comment by Sierra Paris on December 16, 2017 at 6:49am

I had a friend in elementary that I still use in my world. Although it's more like a based-off version though, different spelled way of his name, different last name, and a slight different appearance. 

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