I think Jane Austen may have been an MDer!

Hi everyone - I havent been here for a while...moving house is a really big thing. But I am SO happy in my new abode! (:

Anyway, yeah...I am a bit of a fan of Jane Austen and in learning a bit about her life and how she died quite young and without a partner in the end. I wonder if she was truly happy? "Persuasion" was one of the last books she had written and is a favourite of mine. It is an agonising story (like a lot of them I guess) but has a wonderful end. I wonder how the stories came to her? DayDreaming?

Someone had written that the character, Anne Elliot (Persuasion), was close to who Jane actually was. I'm just very curious. I guess, curious at how many story tellers are MDers.

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Comment by Jennifer on May 30, 2012 at 7:25pm

Wow! I know that most MDers are great reflectors on characters and are easily connected to a character...I think you're absolutely right! It's sad how we'll never know. :(

Comment by Jules on May 29, 2012 at 8:21pm

Yeah you're probably right. I wonder how a conversation would go down, with Jane Austen? I'd love to interview her. I can't help but feel like she wasn't very happy with a lot of things that went on around her. It was a difficult era for women. And even writing a book (as a woman) would have been looked down upon!

It would be great to step back in time to experience how it was. My DDs never go back in time. I guess because I dont know much about the era. That would really interest me I think. Something else to think about! Apart from my DD charaters. :P

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