wow my life is officially OVER!!! because

a)we have an xteremely important exam tomorrow and i have LOTS to learn.i cant focus because of my daydreaming habit and i didnt learn much before either because of said daydreaming...

b)im sick!i have a cold,sore throat back ache and fever.ikeep sneezing every 10 mother still says i have to write the exam even when there is a retest for absentees!she keeps givin me all these pills.she made me drink 1litre of ginger tea saying that it will cure my fever and she told me took take a pill every one hour while writing the exam!!!!!

c)there is a high chance of me failing cause we have 3 exams of three different subjects and the stupid college ppl didnt even giv us one day off as study leave!!


i feel so sick write now and i have LOADS to lern,,, idont think ill finish even if i stay awake the entire night!!

why cant my mom understand??!!

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Comment by Asha on February 3, 2014 at 7:59pm

By the time you read this, I'm pretty sure your exams are done. I just wanted to tell you that I understand. What is worse is that I actually had holidays and i whiled them away daydreaming. I'm not saying that it's of any help but, life moves on and you'll find alternatives which you wouldn't have noticed before. I wrote up these lines on my wall, I just make sure I see it all the time I pass by- "You don't make mistakes twice, the second time is by choice". We can control it, we have to. Hope it helps. Cheers

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